Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Liberal ousted in Spanish Church coup

In strong contrast to the election of a liberal to Head the German Catholic Bishops.

Rouco Varela returns to head the Bishops of the Spanish Catholic Church:

"He defeated the more moderate candidate, Ricardo Blázquez, by two votes

The Spanish Catholic Church has moved to the right with the election of Antonio María Rouco Varela, the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, as the president of Bishops in the country. He replaces the more liberal Ricardo Blázquez who had tried to defend the use of dialogue to resolve current conflicts with the Government.

There were only two votes in difference, 39 to 37, between the candidates and the outcome shows that the Bishops have broken with the unwritten tradition of not choosing a president for a second term.

The triumph of Rouco and the right wing of the Church means that we can expect a firmer position against the Socialist Government. Ricardo Blázquez was elected as Vice President."

Cardinal Kasper expects an end soon to the dispute over the Good Friday Prayers


Cathcon translation of
Kasper erwartet bald Ende des Streits um Karfreitagsfürbitte

In the dispute over the Catholic Good Friday intercession, Curial Cardinal Walter Kasper expects a conciliatory solution. He is in contact with leading Jewish representatives , Kasper said on Tuesday. In the coming days, he will talk about the process with the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, who moreover, wished to meet with Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone . There will then be a statement. Then the process should be settled, said Kasper.

In early February, Pope published a new version of the intercession for the Jews in the Good Friday liturgy in the extraordinary Latin rite which generated fierce opposition from Jewish representatives. It says that the Jews should recognise Jesus Christ as saviour of all people . Critics feared a retrograde step in Catholic-Jewish dialogue. The Curial cardinal spoke at the presentation in the Vatican of a commemorative book for his 75th Birthday .

Vatican: Cardinal Kasper warns against naïve dialogue


Cathcon translation of
Vatikan: Kasper warnt vor naivem Dialog

Christianity has to deal with Islam. Other religions in Europe are no longer just guests, said the German Curial Cardinal, Cardinal Walter Kasper, this Tuesday in Rome. The basis for interfaith dialogue is a good knowledge of one's own theology and the maintenance of one’s own identity, stated Kasper.

"There are now other religions in Europe and they will remain there. Islam in the first instance is present. That makes many people very afraid. But we must actively be concerned entering a constructive and critical discussion, not a naive discussion which only speaks of one and the same God. But next we must begin to understand who we are. "

The Professor of Systematic Theology who earlier taught at Tübingen University criticized a wave of atheism in Europe, which Christians should not face passively. As an example, Kasper cited the atheistic ethics in the Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion".

"We now have a whole wave of books, all bestsellers, representing a very aggressive missionary atheism. We must not think that atheism is a matter of the 19th Century, and that we would overcome it. No, we still need to face it. "

Missionary atheism or the newly emerging diffuse religiosity - both need to be confronted with the Christian understanding of God said Kasper.

"There is a return of religious consciousness, the religious yearning. Religion has also returned to public debate, and the loving God has basically become again a topic of dinner parties. But it is often a very vague understanding of God, a God of the Whole World, often a purely emotional issue. "

This is the reason according to Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, in theology and in social as well as interreligious dialogue, the question of God should be at the centre: "In this area, is found the whole problem of faith and knowledge: This is a problem that the current Pope has very close to his heart: not only an emotional faith, but a faith that is formed in the light of reason, and wants to think about God. I can think of nothing more fascinating than to think about God. God is that to which all thought returns. And to whom all thinking returns, once again raises fresh thought, which is the great challenge. "

Walter Kasper spoke at a press conference on the occasion of the new release of his foundational work "The God of Jesus Christ" and the presentation of a commemorative book for his 75th Birthday which the Cardinal celebrates on Wednesday. In a foreword, Pope Benedict XVI thanked Kasper his engagement in theology and for the church.

Amnesty in Mercy College Woodford, Galway

Update on Original story

This photo now removed from the school website. Their shame won't however be forgotten on the internet for some time.

The Majesty of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament

"As a bishop I cannot be silent". The auxiliary bishop of Karaganda in Kazakhstan has spoken with Gloria.TV about his new book "Dominus est" in which he sharply criticises the practice of communion in the hand.

Cardinal Hoyos promoted!

New titles for 5 cardinals- he becomes a Cardinal Priest from a Cardinal Deacon.

St Anno's in Cologne