Friday, May 05, 2006

Clear heresy

in the Diocese of Linz

"Das Argument, es könnten nur Männer geweiht werden, weil Jesus Mann war und nur Männer als Apostel berufen hat, überzeugt die Vollversammlung nicht, weil im Licht der theologischen Forschung das Amt als Ereignis der Kirche zu sehen sei und nicht als unmittelbar vom historischen Jesus eingesetzt."

"The argument that only men could be ordained because Jesus was a man and only had called men to be apostles, did not convince the General Assembly, as in the light of theoligical research the office should be seen as a Church event and not as established directly by Christ"

In contrast:

Session 23 Canon 3 of the Council of Trent
"If any one saith, that order, or sacred ordination, is not truly and properly a sacrament instituted by Christ the Lord; or, that it is a kind of human figment devised by men unskilled in ecclesiastical matters; or, that it is only a kind of rite for choosing ministers of the Word of God and of the sacraments: let him be anathema."