Saturday, October 07, 2017

Nasty satirical attack on Pope Benedict and President Trump on official Catholic website

This from the official Catholic website in Germany.  

Attention, dear readers: If you thought "to crush someone with his love,"it is only a metaphor, then you have been deceived. In Belgium, the Brothers of Charity (Broeders van Liefde) now put these words into practice. Whether the next is to be taken down with a pillow - and thus close to the wording of the metaphor - or yet medically, is not known. But active euthanasia "for mentally ill in the non-terminal stage" the Brothers basically do not want to rule out . In itself a good idea for the benefit of mankind: But how do you persuade Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to go on a joint visit to Belgium?  (Cathcon: how on earth does this guy think this is funny?)

Also dead - please be strong now, dear children and young ones - is probably St. Nicholas. Archaeologists have found a sarcophagus in the southern Turkish town of Demre under an ancient church , which might contain the remains of the Bishop of Myra. This is doubly bad: not only are the Muslims now stealing one of our favorite saints. More importantly, who will fill the boots in front of the German doors on the 6th of December (Cathcon: Feast of St Nicholas) ? If we do not want to import this terrible American (Santa Claus, not Trump), then only one thing remains: Alexander Gauland (Cathcon: leader of the Alternative for Germany), take over and save the Christian West!

Creepy stories for Gänswein and the kids
Our Church can no longer to be saved. At least if you believe the emeritus Pope (Cathcon: I never use the term emeritus but it is in the text). He actually wanted to withdraw from the public after his resignation, but this has probably been forgotten one or the other time. This can happen in old age. The latest chapter of his incomplete retreat is "Benedict: Episode XVI - The Dark Menace" (Cathon: more litteral translation of the German title for Star War I: The Phantom Menace)  and has now appeared in the Russian, unabridged original version. In this, the ex-pontifex does not think abuses, secularization, or the like are responsible for the present crisis of the Church, but the "darkening of God in the liturgy . " Perhaps, however, it is only the dim light and the poor light conditions in the chapel of Mater Ecclesia,

 Archbishop Georg Gänswein takes on the strain of the whole thing slowly. As a secretary of the old and new pope, he somehow sits between the sacred chairs and must constantly listen to the patter of the two older gentlemen: "It used to be better, Georg," is the memory from one side. "We need a poor church for the poor, George," fantasides the other side. The consequence: hearing loss, hospital stay and then prescribed rest . At the bed of the patient, Benedict tells him stories. Creepy stories from the current crisis of the church - in Russian.

According to book author Paul Maar,  German children's rooms will become creepy. The "Sams" (Cathcon: a children's book) -finder recommends parents to read children from the Bible . Not only the soft-washed stuff from the New Testament, but the full program; for example the story of David and Goliath, to encourage the children. We support this - and we are also delivering a nice good-night reading for the little ones from the Old Testament: "[20] And shall say to them: This our son is rebellious and stubborn, he slighteth hearing our admonitions, he giveth himself to revelling, and to debauchery and banquetings: [21] The people of the city shall stone him: and he shall die," (Deuteronomy 21,20f)


Cathcon:  Donald Trump in 2013 on Twitter, "The Pope should not have resigned—he should have lived it out," Trump tweeted. "It hurts him, it hurts the church."

On Pope Francis
The new Pope is a humble man, very much like me, which probably explains why I like him so much!

Pity the Church has incubated such malice since he became Pope.  It is a displacement activity for preaching the Cross and Him Crucified.

This website already has form, previously attacking the Church in Africa.