Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nuns degraded by German carnival

Reactions – kreuzmeldungen

A carnival wagon in Mainz wanted on the the day before Shrove Tuesday to show a nun in a nude scanner. Sister Ancilla Maria Ruf from the religious congregations department of the Diocese of Mainz protested. The presentation was "disrespectful and charector damaging." Sisters would be obscenely degraded. The competent Carnival Association announced, allegedly after the event. The naked nun – whose photo will now be disseminated on the Internet – will be covered over at the Carnival with the words "interference to vision".
Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz is an enthusiastic supporter of the Carnival, not least but not only, because they gave him a large cheque for the restoration of the Cathedral.  He dropped the cheque by accident live on television. 
A few years ago he appeared with the devil and dancing girls on stage during Carnival.  So no wonder he cannot defend the religious of his diocese.

Father Wagner signs official request to withdraw from nomination as Auxiliary Bishop in Linz

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

On Friday afternoon, Gerhard Maria Wagner signed a document in which he asks the Pope, to withdraw from his appointment as Auxiliary Bishop

This is made "not entirely voluntarily"

On Friday afternoon, the Windischgarsten parish priest, Gerhard Maria Wagner made his application for withdrawal from his nomination as Bishop of Linz in writing. That was confirmed on Sunday in a telephone conversation with

Wagner said that this step was made "not entirely voluntarily". Not only the media had put him under massive pressure, but also church circles. The views of the deaneries had apparently put Bishop Schwarz under great pressure, as well as the reports of increased numbers of people leaving the church, regretted Wagner.

How matters proceed is now open. According to the information available to, it is not even clear in the Vatican how to proceed with the request for withdrawal of nomination. From well-informed church circles, it is to found that there are still several options, including an episcopal consecration of Gerhard Maria Wagner.

Orthodox rejoice at lifting of excommunications

condemn Catholic liberals

Who would have believed it! Those who really believe in ecumenism must drop their opposition to lifting the SSPX excommunications forthwith!

Father Wagner- a ringleader of his enemies speaks

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

A Dialogue for Upper Austria on the model of the Church “Dialogue for Austria" was suggested by the Chairman of Catholic Action of the Diocese of Linz, Margit Hauft, on Saturday in ORF’s Lunchtime Journal. Linz is "a very vibrant diocese - there are all the main currents since," said Hauft. It was now necessary to bring “together again” the representatives of the different currents. She herself had a very positive experience of "Dialogue for Austria” with the Salzburg Delegate Assembly of 1998, said Hauft.

The Catholic Action chairman called the crisis management by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn after the appointment of parish priest, Gerhard Wagner pastors to Bishop as "the beginning of a path in a direction which it should follow." Impressive was for her was that the Chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference has “specifically referred to earlier errors. " which he said should not be allowed to run on as they had in previous crises in the Catholic Church in Austria.

That Gerhard Wagner had finally taken the decision to withdraw was "certainly not easy for him" said Hauft. There had been rumour after a consultation with the bishops, "but ultimately it was his decision." "I guess Wagner recognized, as it would not work," said the Catholic Action-chairman of the Diocese of Linz.

Hauft spoke out on the ORF Midday Journal also recently for a continuation of the discussion about changing the admission criteria for ecclesiastical office. An opening up of the Church's offices was necessary. The admission of women to the ordained diaconate and "tested married men" (viri probati) for the priesthood would both be important.

Is she and her band of bullies, who have defied the Vatican, running the Diocese or is the Bishop?
She has a throne already, erected one day in one of the public squares of Linz.
When the Pope asked for something, the questions should not be whether but how soon.

Post-Christian Austria

Das postchristliche Österreich «

Written by one of the gravediggers of Catholic Austria for one of the two main newspapers.

The courageous (!) and purposeful action of the Bishops' Conference has nipped in the bud a new and long dispute within and around the Catholic Church. The enigmatic procedure around the appointment of a bishop have caused a stir which came simultaneously with the incomprehensible decision on the four bishops belonging to a sect (Cathcon- !!!!- call the SSPX many things but they are not Moonies or Mormons!).

In both cases, the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Rome has been at the centre of the whirlwind. The reputation of the papal form of government is increasingly in doubt. Keywords for similar "cases"? Good Friday Prayers, Mohammed quote, Protestants are not in any sense a church, blessing for missionary activities, etc. No month without misunderstandings, excitement, corrections, interpretative declarations. In all cases, it is about the means chosen to make a statement, that is communication. One can only underline what is now explained by the Austrian bishops in their pastoral letter: "We hope that inadequate communication processes in the Vatican can successfully improved."

In Austria, all these incidents have caused a big wave. The whole public arena has been occupied with these matters now for months. Michael Prüller already described, in a "Die Presse" editorial, Austria as a post-Christian society. If he meant a post-church society which fully guarantees religion, faith and freedom of conscience, he is right. If he thinks it is one in which religions, especially Christianity, do not play a more influential role, I must oppose him. All three Abrahamic religions of revelation (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) still shape with their fundamental values, to our common well-being, our country and large parts of Europe.

Since Christianity became the state religion in the Roman Empire, it has made vital contributions to the design of the company delivered - I just mention the commandment of love (solidarity), the abolition of slavery, the foundation of society on the basis of marriage and family, educational activities of the monasteries covering the whole of Europe, the protection of life.

If some say that there are absolutely no fundamental values without God, they go too far. Of course, you can also derive universally valid values from reason. Reason and faith are equal side by side (Cathcon- two wings of a bird, as Pope John Paul II said in an encyclical. In the thought of St Thomas, reason is necessary for Faith, but Faith excels reason by far in excellence) But today the proportion of people is growing again incomparably higher, who obtain their values from religion and thereby believe and do not create them for themselves using reason. This makes religion so important for a caring society.

So nobody should want healthy churches to shrink, leaving just a few, but absolutely and blindly obeying it may be. The pastoral letter and understanding in Rome give us the right to hope for nothing more.

Andreas Khol, who was President of the Austrian Parliament but now has formed a lay initiative. He was one of the leaders of the gang that forced Father Wagner to withdraw his resignation. He should stick to politics- can’t his Christian Democrat party give him back his day job?

Liberal Catholics are dangerous

Bomb threat made against St Mary's Catholic Church priest Father Ken Howell

Humbly prostrate at your feet

Feast of the Chair of St Peter in Antioch

Pope quotes Lumen Gentium at Angelus today

Moreover, within the Church particular Churches hold a rightful place; these Churches retain their own traditions, without in any way opposing the primacy of the Chair of Peter, which presides over the whole assembly of charity and protects legitimate differences, while at the same time assuring that such differences do not hinder unity but rather contribute toward it.

Contrast the Church in Austria which has done everything to oppose the will of the Pope and to destroy unity this past week.