Monday, August 14, 2006

Abbaye de Valloires

Now a cultural centre, restaurant and hotel. The Abbey Church is howver used every several months.

The man who lost his job in the European Commission

as he was considered "dangerously right-wing" transforms into a raving feminist. He wants female cardinals and deacons. If a Pope tried to raise women into the office of Cardinal, they wouldn't be Cardinals and the Pope would no longer be Pope. Dream on, Mr Buttiglione, no Pope would want to press the auto-destruct button on the Catholic Church.

The Last Beguine

6000 strong in 1910, still 600 strong in 1965. And now the last resident of any Beguinage (in fact, a Franciscan but invited to join the community by the last Mother Superior) is in an old peoples' home. I had the priviledge of meeting her while she still resided in Kortrijk.

The Benedictines have to their eternal credit taken over the Beguinage at Bruges after the Beguines left in 1927. There specialities were lace manufacturing and laundry and it is often claimed that they shrank for economic reasons. That may have been the occasion for their decline, it was certainly not the cause. Posted by Picasa

Disturbing picture

called the "Inheritance" painted in 1966, showing Popes Paul VI and John XXIII. Posted by Picasa