Friday, December 11, 2009

Stealth Bishop Luise of Linz


The Diocese of Linz thinks there is no rule that prevents Luise Memersheimer of Eferding dressing up as St Nicholas. 

Turkish hypocrisy over minaret ban in Switzerland


Your answer is requested -
Cathcon translation of the whole section of Frontal 21, the leading German investigative reporting TV programme- this was broadcast last Tuesday.

Dear Turkish Government, as the Swiss do not want any more new minarets, Switzerland is for you a disgraceful country. Rich Turks say that they will take their assets out of Switzerland and the whole of Europe stigmatises you as fascists. But how tolerant are you in reality, Prime Minister against people who believe differently.

What is the situation for Christians in Turkey ? Can Catholics and Protestants build new churches and silenced new church towers . No Protestants and Catholics are completely not recognised as religious communities in Turkey. Only the Greek Orthodox and the Armenians are. Protestants and Catholics have in your country no rights. They cannot buy any property even less inherit it. They cannot erect new buildings. They cannot employ people. They cannot bring any legal cases. The Turkish authorities closed the last priestly seminary almost forty years ago and as there is a lack of new priests, Christian communities are dying epecially in the Turkish regions. The tiny Christian minority is vilified.

Militant nationalists revile Pope and Patriarch as a double headed snake. Senior Christian clerics, Bishop Padovisa have to fight with bureaucratic chicanery and are thus persecuted. An attack was attempted on the Bishop- since then he only leaves his residence only with someone else to accompany him.

Christians, in your country, Mr Erdogan are being menaced and even killed as in April 2007 in Malazia. In an attack on a bible publisher three Christians tortured were over many hours and finally murdered, among them a German. The perpetrators wanted to give a message to the enemies of Islam, according to the police. The criminal trial is still going on.

Dear Prime Minister, how would you react if the same thing happened to Muslims in Germany and Chancellor Merkel asks you to do more against the intolerance directed towards Christians. Instead, Mr Erdogan, you come to Germany and make clear before thousands of German Turks in Cologne. Assimilation as well as adaptation is a crime against humanity. How do you reconcile this with humanity, with the human rights of Christians in Germany.

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Turkish Pro-EU movement is headquartered in a confiscated Christian building.