Friday, March 27, 2009

More claims that SSPX anti-democratic

Extract from Radio Vatican
In recent months, the political scientists have designated the SSPX as unconstitutional. As an example of this, the long-standing member of the CDU Federal Committee, Gerd Langguth has said about the socio-political positions of Schmidberger that they depart from the "principles of a Christian social order" (Cathcon- Archbishop Zollitsch does not even believe there can be such a thing, having just said that there should be no such thing as a Catholic country) . Among other matters, Schmidberger supports the death penalty, opposes political parties, trade unions and parliamentary representative democracy and wanted impose one morality on society, which also prohibits contraception as well as homosexuality, blasphemy and Masonic Lodges.

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) rejects the attacks of the SSPX on the German bishops. The President of the Association, Hans Joachim Meyer, said on Friday, that also the recent SSPX statement lacks a clear commitment to freedom of faith and conscience that fundamentally defines the Catholic understanding of the democratic rule of law. "We are definitely very grateful," said Meyer, "that Archbishop Zollitsch with all the vigour has started the discussion on the hostility to freedom and the anti-democratic attitude of the SSPX, and we understand our bishops."

Cathcon- the tar and feather approach to ecclesiastical politics. German history should teach these people just how odious such scapegoating is.

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