Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Latin Mass saves St Josephat's Church, Detroit

Soon, carpenters will refit the church's modern, wooden altar with casters so it can be wheeled away for the weekly Tridentine mass, providing worshippers with a clear view of the high altar

Together with offensive and ageist comments by Fr Thomas Reese. Its him that's living in the past.

He should join the traditional Catholic pilgrimages Paris/ Chartres each year. The vast majority of priests are under 35 leading the 18,000 faithful whose average age is about 30.

Not the first and by no means the last Church that will be saved by the Latin Mass, under whose spiritual shelter 99.9% of Catholics living and dead have been nurtured over 2000 years. Maybe 99.99%.

'Sell-off' church to spend 600,000 pounds

Sell churches, buy a new home for Diocesan bureaucrats!

The Diocese claims:
"The purpose of the changes is to ensure that the parishes in the diocese are vibrant communities that enable us to be people of prayer, still proclaiming the Gospel message."

And the list of Churches being sold to buy offices, a training centre, a café and a multi-storey car park. I think it is called losing the plot. If a company constructed a new headquarters and sold all its branches, the share price would nose-dive.


St. Philip Benizi (1962)
Lower Kersal, M7 0TP


Sacred Heart (1851, 1869)
Blackburn Road, BB5 0AH.


Ss. Petr & Paul (1800, 1897)
Pilkington Street, BL3 6HP.


Holy Trinity (1895, 1896)
Richard Street, BB9 5HZ.


St. Bede (1950, 1953)
Fairfield, BL9 7RG.


St. Ursula (chapel of ease)
Cotton Tree.


St. Gregory the Great (1853, 1875, 1946)
Church Street, BL4 8AQ.


Our Lady (1931)

IRLAM: [one of two]

St. Teresa (1874, 1902)
Liverpool Road.
St. Joseph the Worker (1963, 1965)
Cutnook Lane.


St. Malachy (1922, 1930, 1972)
Collyhurst, M10 7RG.

Was used by the Vietnamese Chaplaincy.

St. Michael (1856, 1956)
Ancoats, M4 5DG.

St. Robert (1915, 1929, 1960, 1982)

St. Vincent de Paul (1896, 1908, 1955)
Openshaw, M11 2FU.

St. Wilfrid (1842, 1948) [??? query]
Hulme, M15 5BZ.


St. Agnes (1966, 1968)
Hollins Estate.


St. Joseph (1892, 1897, 1928, 1953)
Huttock End Lane. OL13 8LD.


St. Teresa (1928)
St. Tersa's Road, Firswood.

A message from the "Save St Michael's Group", Manchester, UK

"To all of us, St Michael's is a holy and sacred Place and the spiritual home of all the family of St Michael's, Ancoats ":