Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rival books re-ignite war of words over Terri Schiavo

Michael Schiavo seeks healing - when he himself wounded so many people and killed his wife.

"Michael is going to very forcefully tell his side of the story. It was important for him to write a book, it was a healing experience."

What a monster!

Warning: Aliens


assisting at Mass at a school in Luxembourg

along with aged hippies.

Elsewhere a definite sighting of a stealth priestess in Austria. Some anglican pseudo-priestesses are now calling themselves "mother"; not so long before this happens in some Catholic parishes.

And as the crisis deepens, a priest tries to explain the importance of a wheel to Catholicism. Next time you try to explain Catholicism, hold high the Cross!

Parishes to help chart their future

or coopting parishes to self-destruct.

Church rectory occupation

in New Orleans. Diocese claims to be acting in the "name of the people"!

Flock scattered

by Church closure.