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Pope Pius XII crowns Mary Salvation of the Roman People


Also proclaimed the Feast of the Queenship of Mary in 1954

Cardinal Schönborn's manifesto for the Papacy

The Church that Austrian Catholics had become accustomed to is “a thing of the past.”

“The time has come to face the changes that have taken place in society in a far more serious way than we have up until now.”

Schonborn's new statements point to the same goals Ratzinger set out 42 years ago

Vatican II had already provided the impetus for inserting the Church in a free society, but an enormous amount of work still needs to be done, which will change the nature of the Church.

“Today we live in a culture of freedom, and this is a very good thing since it is when we are free that we are most like God.” (Cathcon- the Cardinal has been reading too much Hegel rather than Aquinas)

“Freedom is the best starting point for the convincing, believing and fortifying Church of the future - which will look quite different from the Church we have known up to now.”

In a free society with its manifold possibilities, the Church will be just one player among many others (Cathcon !!!!!!!!!-  if this holds for society, will certainly hold for individuals- the death of spirituality!).

Parishes will be larger and “slimmer” in structure.

“Do not think that this [new departure] is a trivial matter for me as a Bishop responsible for it. It means saying goodbye to the Church of my childhood … But reality leaves us no other choice.”

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And lest we forget- how Cardinal Schönborn says Mass- the now famous Balloon Mass.

Compare how Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Mahony say Mass.

Election posters for Cardinal Turkson in Rome

The Italian election campaign is not known for its sophisticated aesthetic. But that obviously does not put off the art group Zero Zero Kappa Kappa. With a variety of posters, they brought the Romans on Friday near matters that usually take place strictly shielded from the public behind closed doors: The election campaign for the Papacy in the Vatican .

The posters put up show Prelate Peter Turkson from Ghana, who is regarded as a promising candidate. "When you vote in the conclave Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson" is shown on the posters. Under a photo of Turkson, there is, in the style of the Italian election campaign, a papal symbol marked with an election cross. Zero Zero Kappa Kappa is known for actions of this kind. The Romans remember well the traffic signs with a warning against tear gas.

The conclave to elect a new head of the Catholic Church comes after the resignation of Benedict XVI from the Papacy altogether. Turkson is the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican. He is considered a conservative church leaders.


Cardinal Burke would complete the unfinished work of the last Papacy


For comparison how Cardinal Mahony celebrates Mass.

10 Reasons Cardinal Burke Will Be the Next Pope

I'm making a very bold and controversial claim: His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke will be the next Pope. I'm going to provide you with 10 solid reasons why the cardinals will rally to him in the conclave for the required 2/3 vote majority.

Let's be honest. Most people are claiming (or grumbling) that Cardinal Burke will never be elected as Pope. They say he's too heavy-handed, too ceremonial, too traditional, too political, and too serious to be papabile. If you're one of those people who think Burke is the best cardinal for the job, but look at your toes and sigh: "It'll never happen," then keep reading.

The problem is that the Burke naysayers are thinking like journalists and voters. (By the way, one of my favorite daily blogs: Rorate Coeli explains why the journalists get it wrong.)

When the doors of the conclave close, men who would usually vote one way, vote another. Under the staring eyes painted onto the ceiling of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, these cardinals know that history is being made. The Pope they elect will have a difficult vocation. The Pope they elect will change the lives of billions of people both now...and in the future.

I want to challenge you to think like a cardinal in 2013. The cardinals are worried. Most cardinals knew that Pope Benedict had considered abdication, but most of them never thought it could actually happen. Here we are 50 years after the Council, right in the middle of the Year of Faith, and then suddenly the Pope resigns.

Globally, the Catholic Church faces accusations. Here and there in local dioceses, there are spots of financial and sexual scandal (for example, in Los Angeles). The rumors in Rome surrounding Vatileaks, the Butler, and the Bank are still circulating. Cardinal O'Brien of Scotland just stepped down. The question of secular politicians and the Church is a concern. There is growing debate about liturgy and the Extraordinary Form. The SSPX dialogue fell flat. So in the middle of this storm, Pope Benedict abdicates. I think this is all part of the divine plan (Here's my post explain why I think the Blessed Virgin Mary asked Pope Benedict stepped down), but let's be honest. It's a traumatic time. Yet, whenever there is trauma, conservatism reigns.

The Cardinals will rally to a holy man who will prayerfully clean house and face down the evils, scandals, and rumors. There is only one cardinal who has vocalized a plan of attack for the political, liturgical, and canonical problems in the Church: his name is Raymond Cardinal Burke.

Cardinal Burke is the only one who has explicitly proclaimed a way forward in these times of trouble. As in the last papal conclave, the cardinals will turn to a man who operates on sound principles. A man whose virtue is known by all. A man of the Gospel.

With that being said, here are the 10 reasons why Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be elected Pope.

The 10 Reasons

Priest angry with Pope burns his photo during Mass


The vicar of the parish church in Castel Vittorio in Italy is outraged by the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. In protest, he therefore burned a photo of the Pope on sunday during the Mass, . "This is the Pope? No, that is not the Pope, because he has left his flock in the lurch," said the cleric during the sermon. Priest Don Andrea Maggi held up the picture of the Pope and then lit it with a candle. The mayor and other churchgoers present were shocked and left the church. The mayor has filed before a formal complaint with the Curia of the Diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo. The parish priest has been noticed as repeatedly negative in the past, it states.


Fake bishop fools Cardinal as he tries to sneak into Vatican

The man, whose real name is Ralph Napierski, had told reporters that his name was "Basilius" and that he was a member of the "Italian Orthodox Church", which does not exist.

Before he was discovered, the "bishop" told reporters that Catholic bishops had "made a mistake by moving priests" who were accused of paedophilia around different parishes.

He was wearing a purple scarf around his waist that was similar to the sashes warn by senior Catholic prelates and he shook hands and chatted with priests and cardinals arriving at the meeting.

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How Cardinal Mahony celebrates Mass- lest we forget


Cardinal Dolan happily receives gay and lesbian groups at Mass


Papal tailor prepares for the election of three Popes

Short, medium and tall.....

Cardinal- Conclave is not a Presidential election

The upcoming conclave is the view of the Portuguese Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins (photo) is neither a kind presidential election nor does it resemble a mysterious ritual of a Dan Brown novel. It is impossible to predict a candidate, said Martins to the Roman newspaper "Il Messaggero" (Sunday). The conclave was developing its own dynamics under the leadership of the Holy Spirit .

Though most of the cardinals entered the general congregations, with their own ideas and perhaps even a specific name, the cardinal said. During the debate, at which anyone can speak and any topic discussed gradually a picture of the candidate the church actually needs is given. Any cardinal could be elected pope, in principle, stressed Martins, who had led for a long time prior to his retirement the Vatican Congregation for Saints. "The Church knows no color here, not white, yellow or black. Each cardinal has the same possibility of being chosen Pope.


Cardinals who twitter

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Priests 'feel vindicated' after Cardinal Keith O'Brien admission

Three priests and a former priest have said that they felt "vindicated" after Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien admitted sexual misconduct.

The group had accused the senior Roman Catholic clergyman of "inappropriate behaviour" towards them in the 1980s.

Catherine Deveney, the journalist who broke the story in The Observer, said she had spoken to the four men, who were "relieved at being vindicated".

Cardinal O'Brien said he was sorry for not meeting the standards expected.

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Coptic Patriarch to attend Conclave after all, despite illness

The emeritus Coptic Catholic Patriarch Cardinal Antonios Naguib (77) wants, despite ailing health, to travel to Rome for the conclave. His has changed his original intention of not attending. It was the "first duty of a cardinal to participate in the election of the Successor of Peter," said the former patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Christians to the Vatican Press Office "Fides".

Because of his impairment, Naguib is allowed, according to his own information, an assistant to help him at the severely restricted conclave. This should help him to make the daily commute from the Vatican guesthouse Santa Marta to the Sistine Chapel, which hosts the voting. The accompaniment of a helper must be specifically approved according to the strict Papal electoral rules.

Naguib was since March 2006 at the top of the small Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt. After suffering a stroke on 31 December, he resigned from Church leadership. Benedict XVI called him in November 2010 into the College of Cardinals.

Besides Naguib, the other leaders of Eastern Catholic Churches participating are incumbent Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai (72) from Lebanon and the Syro-Malabar Major Archbishop George Alencherry (67) and the Syro-Malankara Major Archbishop Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal (53) from India.