Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic

want your money but not Christmas.

The same moral cowardice brought Nazis to power in Germany.

What a difference IV


the year makes

A Concert in Honour of Summorum Pontificum

Chant and other Sacred Music interspersed with Benedict's Liturgical Thought

What a difference a year makes!

Chapel Closed for Renovation

the first of many reversals of intent.:

"As part of the Ever Forward Heritage Building Campaign, the second phase of the Chapel restoration and renovation will commence in January 2008. The body of the Chapel renovation encompasses the liturgical appointments, interior finishes, lighting and the restoration of the two existing murals. New liturgical appointments for the Sanctuary include the main Altar, Tabernacle and center Reredos, side shrines and statues, and a new Ambo. These appointments are designed to reflect the English Gothic character of the Chapel. The side shrines will serve as the backdrop for the statues of our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. The existing Stations of the Cross will also be restored as part of the overall renovation of the liturgical appointments."