Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mr Greeley doesn't remember

He is a "priest forever after the order of Melchisedek". Priesthood can't be switched in and out as he suggests.

But at least he is sharing in the suffering of the laity

"They eliminated the parish where I was baptized. They closed the church where I said my first Mass, and they took out the stained-glass windows. Now they've closed the high school seminary where I began my journey to the priesthood. I understand the need for such measures (which I don't!!!), but they've wiped out my past, and it breaks my heart."

Church becomes one big dialogue


in front of an altar in Vienna.

Better never than late


The Church of St Conrad, Linz, Austria gets updated to conform to the liturgical norms of the Second Vatican Council.

The same Church before the deluge. The free standing altar had already been placed there in the late 1950s.

The priest of the parish is retiring and wants to leave his mark on the parish before he goes.

Meanwhile others in Linz are well ahead in the game.

Daniel Ange the well-known charismatic priest writes


in a recent German language publicationm an article headed "About the ecumene of martyrs and saints - we are already 90% united".

He bases this on the common baptism of believers. He then claims that the assorted protestant sects including the anglicans also have provided martyrs. True, some have died in the line of duty, not one has died for the Faith. Most have run away or collaborated with evil. I suggest he reads the history of the English reformation.

Finally, he says that in heaven there are no walls. So he concludes the Berlin Wall that separates the various churches must be demolished. He omits to say who he thinks is playing the role of the Communists here.

Ange spins the Gospel, The Church open to everything but the Catholic Faith.

Bhakti meditations in an Austrian monastery


See here for the full programme. More on Bhakti.

If you are seeking inner peace, devote yourself to Christ, not to some strange gods.

Wordly influences

at Brazilian version of Cathcon, Persona non grata.

You don't make yourself popular in certain quarters with blogs like these.

Come and see

Rock, pop and reggae in the name of the Church. Cathcon will be there!

See the promo for the wider programme of events (bet you don't get to the end), while listening to the Hymn of Brussels. Lyric "Come citizens" - are they storming the Bastille again?

All this activity. But not one mention in the promo of in whose name, in theory at least, that it is being carried out. These are the same people who will lecture the Church on the importance of Christo-centrism. They mean self-centred.

The person responsible for this Cardinal "I'll be Pope next time" Danneels.

As the promotional literature says "Working for a happier society" not a more holy one. He said that the aim of the events is to rehumanise Brussels. The problem is that Brussels is already very human, all too human.

Historic church faces possible closure

as it celebrates 164 years

"Members of one of the nation's oldest historically black Catholic churches will gather this weekend to commemorate its founding in the days before the Civil War.

They hope to have more such celebrations in the years to come, but the fate of St. Augustine Catholic Church these days is as uncertain as some parts of this storm-wracked city.

In March, the Archdiocese of New Orleans announced plans to close the church because of declining membership, though St. Augustine has since received an 18-month reprieve."

St Vaclav, Patron of Bohemia


The most urgent priority of the Church in Europe is to re-evangelise the Czech Republic with its empty churches and negligible religious practice. The German Catholic Church boasts how social it is, but it has forgotten the spiritual needs of its neighbour.

St Vaclav, pray for us!