Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ontario Catholic Churches

to close. Tactic of Diocese : set the closure date just a few years in the future so as not to start up instant protests.

Another article here.

Not even my dog believes that story

More from Boston's dark days- when the Catholic Faith doesn't even get a look in.

Turkey must recognise genocide

If you deny the Holocaust in Germany you are jailed. But the whole Turkish Cabinet denies the Armenian Genocide took place.

Complete fabrication

A lay-celebrated communion service in the Church of St Catherine's Mechelen, last Saturday evening. The prayers and thoughts people wished to offer were written down, put into a basket and drawn by lot. Approximately 500 metres from where Cardinal Danneels lives.


The same table, strangely at a right angle to the altar earlier on in the day.

Jesuit devotion to alien image

The artist is a Jesuit.