Friday, May 01, 2009

A la carte Catholicism in Belgium


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Battle for the Cross in Vienna schools

Strache fordert Kruzifixe für alle Wiener Klassenzimmer

It is the wish of the Austrian Freedom Party that the crucifix should be a fixed furnishing of all classrooms in Vienna. The fact that currently Crosses are hanging in ever fewer schools, was criticised by the FP leader Heinz-Christian Strache on Thursday during a press conference. The FPoe also demand that the religious symbol should be found even in those classes in which Christians are in the minority.

"Crosses belong to the identity of our country, therefore, include them in the classroom," said Strache, who also pointed to the Concordat. Austria has resulting from this treaty concluded with the Holy See the "international obligation", to hang crucifixes in schools. Exceptions could occur if more than 50 percent of the students have another confession.

But this was just "may", said Strache. He spoke in favour of crucifixes be mounted in any case - regardless of the number of students with different religious beliefs. For those who have come as guests to Austria had to take note that the "majority religion" is still Christian.

The FP-chief is not only worried about Austria: "If we do not remember our Christian roots, tomorrow, Europe will no longer be Europe." The "salvation of the Christian West" should be made safe. A first step, the Freedom Party has already taken itself: since today, Thursday, a small wooden cross hangs in the office of the Town Hall FPoe Group Leader, Eduard shock

Strache also criticised the fact that there are federal states, where the portrait of the Regional Governor is not found in every classroom. Although the installation of a portrait was legally provided, the respective officials can waive the requirement - as Michael Häupl in Vienna does. According to Strache "the principles of the state" should be more strongly lived. These include the presence of Regional Governor in the schools.

The FPoe have reiterated today its call for a ban on headscarves in public service or in the schools. In the end, this is a "symbol of oppression", as it was said: The ban should apply for both teachers and students.

Assassin of Pope now Catholic

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