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SSPX Germany Statement about the German Bishops

FSSPX.INFO - Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X. Deutschland

The German bishops wish to reject any dialogue with the SSPX.

This is the impression given by the utterances of the General Assembly of the German Bishops. Before anything is discussed, the whole council should be recognised. Otherwise return "out with the SSPX."

But mildly spoken this is "a little illogical." That's as if on beginning a dialogue with the Orthodox, requiring the resolution of all points under debate.

Are they in Hamburg and Freiburg afraid of the conversation?

As the Bishops set dialogue over everything, they will lose credibility with this attitude.

Above all, Archbishop Zollitsch - as is now done – makes the Council into a super dogma.

Every Catholic knows that the Second Vatican Council clearly just wanted to be just a purely pastoral council. No dogmas were promulgated.

Apparently, a taboo zone which cannot be breached is to be set up. This fully untheological approach cannot be supported by completely self-conscious and tradition-minded Catholics.

Note: This is not about the rejection of the Council as a legitimate assembly of the Catholic Church!

For the SSPX it is about a correction of the ambiguous wording and the fact that the council as a whole and in all parts must be brought into accordance with the eternal tradition of the Church.

In other words, we want an interpretation of the Council which does not break with the 2000-year tradition of the Church, but conforms to it.

And it is not about the SSPX: they fight for the credibility of the Catholic Church.

After all, how can a community be credible if their principles change with time?

Bishops must defy the Pope says German press

Kirche, Papst und Pius-Gate - Mit Freimut aus der Krise - Politik -

With the frankness of the crisis
Scandals serve the truth: Why German bishops should criticise the Pope because of his closeness to the SSPX.

Can a Catholic bishop criticise the Pope? The bishops gathered in Hamburg are divided on whether and how well they respond to the terrible mistakes which have occured in the case of the papal clemency towards the SSPX.

The fact that the lifting of excommunication was more than just a failure, says no one openly. Transparency should be attached to the church as almost a duty of a bishop.

Fair debate belongs to the tradition of ecclesiastical controversy, since at the first apostolic council Paul resisted Peter - and won the argument

The German bishops want to write a letter to the Catholics in the country. That's good, because the irritation of the faithful is great. The last time a gathering wrote such a pastoral letter was more than 40 years ago.

That was 1968, when Paul VI issued his "pill encyclical" Humanae Vitae when the bishops assembled in Königstein insisted that the final arbiter in the question of contraception was the conscience of individual Christians.

Conservative Catholics, including Pope Benedict XVI believe that this declaration even today to be a "breach of loyalty” to the Magisterium, but in Germany the Königstein Declaration prevented many Catholics from being alienated from their church.

SSPX- statement from German Bishops Conference

Statement by the German bishops on the current path of the Catholic Church, Hamburg, 5 March 2009
The lifting of the excommunication of the four bishops of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X after twenty years has given rise to much discussion in Germany and worldwide, both within and outside the church and was discussed in detail during the Spring 2009 General Assembly. We have come to a settled view, to which we attach particular importance.
The Priestly Society of St. Pius X has split from the Catholic Church. The bishops and priests who belong to the SSPX, even after the lifting of the excommunication of the bishops are not allowed to celebrate Holy Mass or other sacraments. In a special way, the ordinations of SSPX priests announced for this year violate the order and the law of the Church. We will ask the Apostolic See for a prompt explanation to ask what the legal consequences are for a bishop who would proceed with them. The leadership of the Curia must make rapid improvements in the internal coordination and in communication with episcopal conferences. This is especially true for situations of conflict.
The SSPX is therefore not in communion with the Catholic Church, because they are outside Catholic tradition (!!!!) and broken off unity with the Pope (Cathcon- pot calling the kettle black). It is up to the SSPX to overcome the schism to overcome and through a process of reintegration to accept unity with the Pope and the doctrine of the church. The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI by lifting the excommunication of the bishops stretched out his hand as a gesture of accommodation. It is the responsibility of the Apostolic See to determine whether the SSPX is ready to clearly affirm and adopt the religious convictions of the whole Church and especially the teaching of the popes and Councils.. The documents of the Second Vatican Council belong to the Catholic tradition and cannot be rescinded, not least the texts on religious freedom and relations with non-Christian religions, on ecumenism and on the Church in the Modern World and the statements on the collegiality of the bishops in their relationship to papal authority.
We regret that in this context, uncertainty has arisen about the path of the church. We have experienced this in conversations and communications. Many bishops have already given clarifications at an early stage. The theological and pastoral conditions especially of the Second Vatican Council are the obvious foundation of our efforts to renew spiritually the Church in Germany and give the answers of faith on the religious issues of our time new strength in word and deed. We hope that in the past few weeks a new interest in the dynamics and the orientations of the Second Vatican Council have been awakened. This is an opportunity we want to use.
Particularly depressing is the Holocaust denial of a bishop of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X and corresponding anti-Semitic currents in the SSPX. A serious distancing of the party concerned from such unacceptable attitudes is still lacking, as the Apostolic See has themselves called for at an early stage. Pope Benedict XVI has on several occasions clearly stated that the Catholic Church rejects anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish attitudes . We are pleased that the Holy Father in the past few weeks has been able to continue dialogue with prominent Jewish representatives. In Germany, several important meetings with Jewish representatives took place in which there was an opportunity to speak openly on worries and fears and to deepen mutual commitment. We are most grateful for and carry forward these efforts.
Unfortunately, comments on current events were also made in recent weeks which represented the context in a biased and polemical way. Even within the church, there were voices and activities which were unloving, extremely one-sided or even degrading, and have damaged unity. We deplore this style of dealing with each other. Above all, we reject any attempt to place doubt on the reputation and integrity of the pope, to deny the constitution of the Catholic Church and to work divisively.
Whether the SSPX is in full communion with the Catholic Church is not yet clarified. Much seems to speak against this now. But it is not this question on which we are predominantly acting, but the concern for the strengthening and renewal of ecclesial life and to witness to its substantial, multifaceted service. In this effort, we work with the priests and deacons, the staff in the service of the church and with all believers, which in many ways provides its strength and its ability to act. The Church lives from this association of vocation and commitment corresponding to the mission given by the Risen Lord. Trusting Him with one voice, we ask for His blessing.

Wonderful contemplative nuns bring traditional Latin worship back to Cornwall

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Joint Catholic Anglican Confirmation stopped by the Vatican

Vatican halts bishops' joint church service - Local News - News - General - The Herald:

The Vatican has put a stop to a joint Pentecostal service planned by the Newcastle and Maitland Catholic and Anglican bishops.

The confirmation service was scheduled for May 31 at Christ Church Cathedral, and was promoted as a 'very exciting and special' event.

Parishes encouraged church members to consider being confirmed on that day.

But Rome intervened, forcing its cancellation, citing the possibility of 'confusing messages' being given to churchgoers.

Newt Gingrich becomes Catholic!

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All souls are equal in the Catholic Church. But have to say, one Gingrich is worth a thousand Blairs. Don't think we are going to see The Gingrich Faith Forum.

Don't make more of Vatican II than necessary

Vatican II and the Society of St Pius X: Where's the Beef?

The question is not whether or not to accept ( whatever that word might mean- in the literal sense, in the spiritual sense, agreement to the objectives must not the texts, agreement to the texts, but not the way they were implemented, agreement to the texts and the implementation etc, etc) Vatican II in whole or in part, but what position the Council is given in the hierarchy of authorative statements. To elevate the documents too highly would to endanger the doctrine of the indefectability of the Church, given the inconsistency with previous teaching.

The idea that the Council is in continuity with previous teaching is artificial- the break as such occured with the acceptance of "nouvelle theologie" prior to the Council.