Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Anti-War protesters disrupt Chicago Mass


Blood and Water


Good Friday modern art installation in Linz

Intercession of Virgin Mary prevented war

in South America, newspaper reveals

“The President is a man of faith, he always carries with him a wooden Cross and a Rosary. I have heard him pray several times in the motorcade or on the presidential airplane.” “He always tries to be coherent with his faith in his work, pleasing God with what he does,” Fr. Solórzano was quoted by the “El Tiempo.”

German Jews sever ties with pope

Jerusalem Post alleges Vatican pro-PLO!

Eucharistic Congress Vienna 1912


The second picture shows the Emperor's coach. Two years later the world was in flames.
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Catholic Church Conservation: fooled for the first time ever

Chaiman of German Catholic Bishops; Conference shows his true colours

Dear Chris,

no, this is not true!

In Germany we have the tradition of the "All Fools´ Day", and our press-release with the information of the archbishops resignation was just an April-fool. We sent it out yesterday with period of interdiction april the first - and there are several jokes in it too! - but the Vatican Radio disregarded the rules and published the thing immediately.

I heard that a lot of people laughed a lot about that - even in the archbishops administration.

Best wishes to you from Frankfurt!

Bernd Hans Göhrig