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Feast of St. Juliana Falconieri


from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Born in 1270; died 12 June, 1341. Juliana belonged to the noble Florentine family of Falconieri. Her uncle, St. Alexis Falconieri, was one of the seven founders of the Servite Order (q.v.). Through his influence she also consecrated herself from her earliest youth to the religious life and the practices of Christian perfection. After her father's death she received about A.D. 1385 from St. Philip Benitius, then General of the Servites, the habit of the Third Order, of which she became the foundress. Until her mother's death she remained in her parents' house, where she followed the rule given her by St. Philip Benitius, practicing perfect chastity, strict mortification, severe penance, zealous prayer, and works of Christian charity. After her mother's death she and several companions moved into a house of their own in 1305, which thus became the first convent of the Sisters of the Third Order of Servites, Juliana remaining the superior until the end of her life. Their dress consisted of a black gown, secured by a leathern girdle, and a white veil. As the gown had short sleeves to facilitate work, people called the sisters of the new order "Mantellate". They devoted themselves especially to the care of the sick and other works of mercy, and the superioress, through her heroic deeds of charity, set a noble example to all. For thirty-five years Juliana directed the community of Servite Tertiaries.

An extraordinary occurrence, mentioned in the oratio of her feast day, took place at her death. Being unable to receive Holy Communion because of constant vomiting, she requested the priest to spread a corporal upon her breast and lay the Host on it. Shortly afterwards the Host disappeared and Juliana expired, and the image of a cross, such as had been on the Host, was found on her breast. Immediately after her death she was honoured as a saint. The Order of Servite Tertiaries was sanctioned by Martin V in 1420. Benedict XIII granted the Servites permission to celebrate the Feast of St. Juliana. Clement XII canonized her in 1737, and extended the celebration of her feast on 19 June to the entire Church. St. Juliana is usually represented in the habit of her order with a Host upon her breast.

As Cathcon will soon be know- from The hermeneutic of continuity: Via Twitter

Sadly someone has already claimed it- entirely blank, unlike Cathcon.

Zero news in the Diocese of Winona.

How the Americans responded to SSPX ordinations, in contrast to the extreme noises of the German bishops.

Bishop Rifan in New York

Father Zuhlsdorf in procession- somewhere!

"My name is Bunny, I know nothing" Bishop of Linz


The tragic history of Father Friedl

Among flowering trees in the beautiful soft meadow
were the two of us in the sun, your head on my lap.
We were in love and touching
Then loud rustling, and before the two of us, a rabbit appears astonished
The rabbit is amazed and says:
O pardon me!

My name is Bunny, I know nothing!
Is this what happened? I have seen nothing !
Only grass and clover in the winter and much snow.
My name is Bunny, I do not know what to do

Every day when you were free, then we went beyond the meadow
which was then our house.
We dreamed and slept together.
We were alone, only in the tree the wind sang softly:
You can depend on me!


Where we both loved, only straw lies today.
I go my way alone, where are you, tell me where?
I complain to the world and cry out by night:
What have you done? Where is my happiness?
But only an echo comes back:

Cathcon- inspired by Father Friedl knowing nothing, but rather more applicable to the Bishop of Linz who knows less.

The Bugs Bunny Version

The Seven Requests of the Austrian Bishops

following their meeting this week.

To show Christ to people

To learn and to teach how to pray

To increase and to deepen the knowledge of the Faith

To display signs of being Christian

To protect the culture of the Sabbath

To protect and expound life

To support solidarity in Europe and worldwide

Cathcon has two comments,

and where are all the Catholics in Linz when it comes to demonstrating outside Linz General Hospital about the abortions carried out there? Too busy writing to Rome to protest against Fr Wagner and his kind.

Comedy Showtime in the Diocese of Linz

Reactions – Linzer Komödiantenstadl

The Conciliar Church in the scandal Diocese of Linz is more and more a sad collection of comedic figures which serve to amuse the populace. Yesterday, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz came up with a sensational announcement.

The collar and tie wearing Linz priest and breaker of celibacy vows, Revd Josef Friedl (65), had decided to abandon his dissolute life and take his priestly obligations seriously again.

The controversial priest had even before the recent trip of some Austrian bishops to the Vatican signed a written declaration. This was also shown to the Pope.

On the same day, Revd Friedl denied the version of the Bishop of Linz on the anticlerical 'Austrian Broadcasting Service’.

Bishop Schwarz fell from every cloud. To the news agency 'kathpress', he displayed amazement that Father Friedl,knew nothing of his return to priestly life.

This is contrary to the results of the personal meeting between himself and the celibacy breaker - asserted Mons. Schwarz. He promised to clarify the situation as quickly as possible.

The public taken for stupid

A few minutes after publishing the release of the Bishop of Linz, the paleo-liberal spokesman of the Diocese of Linz, Ferdinand Kaineder, on Friday evening,issued a further "statement".

It should be seen as a "misunderstanding" - Kaineder declared.

Fr Friedl spent the last two weeks spent in the Holy Land. Upon his return, he immediately held a funeral (Cathcon- whose ? - the Diocese ?).

Bishop Schwarz and Hw. Friedl could no longer speak about the results of recent meetings with the Pope.

"Hence, Fr Friedl in very short phone discussions responded each time with: 'I know nothing' or 'I know nothing about a letter (from Rome) '."

The cleric had so far received no news, that the statement which he delivered to his bishop had been considered and taken seriously in Rome.

However, 'Austrian Broadcasting Corporation' wrote on Friday before the opinions of the priest were known, that it "had the impression" that he did not wish to part from his concubine of 25 years standing.

Four minutes to midnight in Linz


Pope losing patience with Austrian bishops, Vatican-watcher reports

And about ten to in the rest of the country.