Sunday, June 10, 2007

Erotic Church Service- More Sex for the Vicar


organised at the Protestant Church Assembly taking place in Cologne.

Not content with stealing the Church of the Carthusians at the reformation, the protestants now use it as a practice area for orgies in theory.

Translation of an article which appeared in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

A female dancer dances in a skin coloured stocking in the middle of the church in front of the altar. She crawls about on the floor and wraps herself in a hanging down white cloth.
Is this a blasphemous provocation, a scoffing at the Christian religion?

No it is only one of the items on the agenda of the Protestant Church Assembly. The six hundred year old church, the Church of the Carthusians in the south of Cologne has become the stage for an erotic church service. Nearly one thousand interested people waited outside the door of the former monastery, despite a thunderstorm- but in the end there was only room for four hundred people.

For those who managed to get in, they had to take off their shoes on a white painted church interior. Above the entrance, there was the caption, “a warm welcome to the Vineyard of Love”. The space between the benches had been overlaid with velvet and from the ceiling wine and rose leaves were strewn onto the spectators. A man came to the microphone and announced, This is an erotic church service, can you move a bit closer together, all of you. This was followed by saxophone music and dance. The vicar arrived in a black cassock and barefoot. He announced that eroticism and lust are not taboo areas pushed aside by God. In fact, "lust has to be lived out", said Armin Beuscher, who tempered his speech immediately, by saying, “we are of course today in this service only able to implement this in a limited manner”. He talks about his family doctor who once surprised him with the question, “Do you pray with your wife regularly and do you make love regularly?” He was at first embarrassed and later became conscious of the deep meaning in this question, that both spirituality and eroticism are nourished by repetition. It is therefore certainly part of life which has been shown in the TV series “O God, Vicar” when he immediately after sleeping with a woman then went to a funeral. The speech at the grave, immediately thereafter came under the motto of the Church Assembly, “Lively, Powerful and more Spicy”. Beuscher’s conclusion was therefore “ perhaps we clergy should go more often to bed with our loved ones”

The faithful were then asked to take part in an anointing ritual in which they should massage the forehead and hands of the person sitting next to them. Some go further and embrace eachother whilst others kiss. The atmosphere gets more relaxed. This is how most church services should be said Birgit Kruger (59 years old) from near Hamburg and the Bavarian Gertrude Schirmer (72 years old) said “I found the anointment most beautiful”. Then they all said an Our Father together and then Vicar Beuscher admonishes the parish with the words “praise God with your body, your lust and tenderness”. Judging by the enthusiastic applause, the audience fully intend to do this.


Cathcon comments

Why did Cardinal Meisner invite those attending the Protestant Church Assembly to the great Cologne Cathedral where the relics of the Three Kings are kept? The protestant was allowed to preach but clearly later on in the service has other things on his mind. Let me guess!
You can have Catholic moral teaching or ecumenical relations but not both.

Stay away from the protestant carnival - or one thing will lead to another.

The protestants accused the Catholics of being decadent at the reformation but look what has happened now. Catholics are often accused of being sex obsessed- but just look at the accusers.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Vote to support Cardinal Pell.

Convent life for dummies


To be entirely fair, the collection of art and religious objects in this museum of the Flemish Minor Friars. is one of the best I have ever seen and a must for anyone interested in Franciscans. Further, there are still ten elderly monks in the attached convent with a glorious Church. The guide at the museum said that they would be closing in ten years, as they were too old to be of any interest to young vocations.

And in Tielt, the Catholic Charismatic Movement takes over from the Minor Friars on 1st July.

The Church will remain open, but one can take an educated guess based on bitter experience of what sort of nonsense will go on there.

Convent too big

for the remaining 9 Augustinian Sisters in Ghent.

The end of the road last year for the female Capucins in the same city.

A book has just been produced, "The Last Sisters of Belgium" including one chapter, "Will the last sister to leave, please turn the light out".

Religious of the Sacred Heart

completely lost the habit.
Their general assembly.