Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vatican Supports Church Occupations

by Illegal Immigrants

German Bishops' Conference Women's Pastorate

St Gertrude, yes but no Cross on which our redemption was wrought, instead a labyrinth and the stone (admitedly, that which protected the tomb of Christ). The implication is that women have been buried by the Church for 2000 years. Wrong!

My house shall be called a house of prayer

but you have turned it into an asylum centre.

Christian Retreat

now an ecumenical outfit. Soon, it will be paying guests, no questions asked.


An Tairseach - the Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre

"The Dominican Sisters established the Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre in 1998 on their 70-acres of land in Wicklow.
An Tairseach, is the Irish word for threshold and it suggests a new beginning, an alternative and more sustainable way of working with the land as well as a renewed relationship with the whole community of life, human and non-human."

Monastery farms were always means not ends. It would be helpful to have a relationship with God first. So far from the Rule.

Glory of the Second Spring

in Catholic England. Five pages of glorious photos. Alton Towers (page 4) is now the centre of an Amusement Park. See also photos here, including a postcard from the 1923 sale showing the chapel candelsticks "articles of virtu"

Fr John Henry Newman,Cong Orat later Cardinal preaches on the Second Spring.