Thursday, June 30, 2005

Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

for daily recitation in private during the month of July

The Precious Blood

is honoured in the month of July

To loud applause, beatification inquiry opens for John Paul II

"Cardinal Ruini said that he hoped the beatification process would proceed 'very quickly.":

And yes it is the same Terry Donilan

who said 'Our first responsibility is to protect children'. And is it the same Terry Donilan who used to work on a Democratic senator's campaign in 2000?

Church-closing process

continues to haunt Archbishop of Boston. And meet Terry Donilan who once said when working for Shaws.

"We watch the marketplace. We understand consumers are price conscious. We clearly need to remain competitive."

So not much different then in his new job given that the Archdiocese is watching the property market like an eagle.

Diocese of Scranton

implementing restructuring plan. A Diocese can either be driven by prayer and steered by the Bishop, or Diocesan officials can drive and consultants steer. Will Scranton prove different from all the other Dioceses?