Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Subito- the date of the Latin Mass indult revealed

An ancient print of St Peter's Square

Manifesto for European Family Pride

Because the family is the foundation upon which a well balanced society is built.
Because in weakening the family endangers society itself and is opposed to the common good.
Because we want a society which encourages motherhood, which welcomes the child,
protects the disabled and which provides for the well-being of the elderly.

Because we are opposed to abortion and euthanasia.
Because we are utterly opposed to babies being created for spare parts and the human cloning.
Because we want the scientist to recall what is moral and ethical.
Because we believe in the institution of marriage.
Because we refuse to see it given over to parodies.
Because there are those who are playing God and who seek to invert the norm.
Because commun sense has to prevail.
Because these same evils which afflict all of Europe.
Because if we want to have good laws we must stand together.
Because many decisions are made by the institutions of the European union

we call upon you to be numerous and to join us in the demonstration for European Family Pride which will take place in Brussels, Sunday, May 5 st we will meet at 14.00 at the Schuman roundabout in front of the Institutions of the European Union in Brussels
we will march as far as court of law in Brussels where the contributing speeches will be held from 16.00