Friday, July 06, 2012

Italian press reports Cardinal has 30 year old son

Panorama, un cardinale vicino a Bertone ha un figlio di 30 anni - Panorama

A cardinal very close to the Vatican Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone (allegedly) has a thirty year old son. This is the most recent report from the Oltretevere and that complicates the position of the same Bertone. This is reported in the Italian weekly, Panorama , in the current issue from tomorrow Thursday, July 5.

According to Panorama , in fact, the would be father and Cardinal is at the top of the financial institutions of the Holy See which are separately being investigating by the Public Prosecutor of Rome and MONEYVAL, the Council of Europe anti-money laundering authority. The presumed fatherhood has no legal significance, but in addition to the investigations on the Immacolata Dermatological Institute (IDI), which will embarrass the number two of the Secretariat of State, John Angelo Becciu collaborator of Bertone. A nephew of Becciu, Maria Piera, is personal assistant to Father Franco Decaminada, the former CEO of Idi investigated for the 800 million euro (Cathcon!!!) hospital deficit.

Benedict XVI has repeatedly rejected the resignation of Secretary of State. According to the Panorama report, a final decision on a confirmation that Bertone will remain or a replacement found will be given at the end of summer, when the Pope returns from vacation. notes the following details regarding the management of the Vatican's financial affairs? The Prefecture for Economic Affairs of the Holy See is headed by Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi (68 ). He is known to be close to the Secretary of State. The Asset Management of the Apostolic See, under the leadership of Cardinal Domencio Calcagno (69). Also, he is considered a friend of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. The Vatican Governorate under the leadership of Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello (69), also a faithful follower of the Secretary of State. The Vatican's financial regulator 'AIF' under the leadership of Cardinal Attilio Nicora (75). (Cathcon- Bertone has demanded that Cardinal Nicora consults him each time that he visits any Vatican financial institutions. Not a very effective way to ensure good regulation and one suspects has not helped relations between the two).