Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Cardinal Wamala Opens Parish

Meanwhile in Africa, an exploding number of laity and new parishes.

The Assumption

A meditation

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Good news from Miami

Overtown Catholic church torched in 2002 reopens: "The congregation of the oldest historically black Catholic church in Miami-Dade County has completed a 14.5 million dollar restoration to repair fire damage from a 2002 Christmastime arson."

More here including video

Diocese nears threshold on bankruptcy

More on the Diocese of Tuscon

The future of parishes could be decided by judges

"In a worst-case scenario for the local church, parishes will be included as part of the bankrupt estate - a finding with the potential to cripple the diocese's daily operations because it gives the bankruptcy judge leeway to rule that parishes should be liquidated to pay creditors. "

Parishes meet with lawyers

Who owns the parishes?

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation

Ecce sacerdos magnus

Roman Curia addresses

Every faithful Catholic has the right of appeal to Rome.