Monday, June 25, 2007

Captions anyone?


Spiritual cruelty


The sick and, in some case, dying patients of the Catholic hospital of St Luke in Brussels are confronted with a Spiritual Roundabout. The Anglican who was on duty on the day that I visited did not know in which of their two chapels the Blessed Sacrament was reserved and told me it depended on my conception of the Church, which chapel I prefered. Pastoral care, not!

Last Saturday, I visited a Welsh hospital. Half of the Anglican chapel had been set aside for a Muslim prayer room. On the other side, a tabernacle in front of which burnt a red light. Whether the Catholic chaplain had placed reserved Hosts there, I know not.

Calling all Catholics

Amnesty International condemned by their own words. I was never a member having seen at first hand their economies with the truth when they sent letters to Members of Parliament urging action for one asylum seeker or another. Asylum, sanctuary, amnesty and jubilee have glorious traditions dating back to medieval times, but not when they are abused in the modern age.

Any Catholic who is still a member should get out, lest their immortal soul is endangered by continued membership.

Halifax church offered extension

on closure date

Mary Schaefer, a 24-year parishioner leads the fight back!

Mass hypocrisy

99 Names of Allah chanted in Cathedral but English bishops militate against Latin Mass.

Bishop heads in right direction

with article, The Loss of the Sacred.

Its a long road back.

St. Edward's Mission Church closes its doors

'Horrible, horrible. I never believed in my whole life that I'd see this'

Liturgical 'go-go' dancing


at Franciscan Jubilee

To protest, you could do worse than contact Sister Stola at the Diocesan Office of Divine Worship, established I suspect with the sole purpose of making liturgies human rather than divine.

I can't find any other female Franciscans in Joliet other than the Sisters of St Francis of St Mary Immaculate. They are a self-parodying archetype of all that has gone wrong with religious life since the Council.

Here are two of the Sisters doing looking for something to do with their life that is...