Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In the Light of the Law

on shameless Michael Schiavo

Prandtauerkirche St.Poelten

Well worth visiting for Mass if anyone is travelling through Austria.

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">Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

This coming Sunday is the Feast and the next friday, the Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady in 1867.

She is patron of this blog.

The image with Pope Pius IX and Redemptorists.

St Alphonsus was the founder of the Redemptorists for whom Our Lady under this title is a special devotion.

This is the image of Christ Crucified in his cell.

Miracle of St John the Baptist's hand

"My soul drew me here"

Better days

A priest on horseback in Bavaria in the 1950s. Posted by Picasa

No escape from the shadow of the past

The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna has established a notorious Youth programme called "Find Fight Follow".

This is the invitation to the opening of the Youth Church in Vienna with a FFF Mass.
In 1945, the Nazi regime in Germany tried to organise youth (and also the elderly) of non-military age and established the Volksturm -Peoples' Assault.

This is a recruiting poster with the modern sounding slogan, "For freedom and life".

Their official motto was "Believe, Fight, Win".

Except they were offering their belief to a thoroughly evil system. The allegedly Cathoic, FFF does not even mention belief. If you go looking, there is no telling what you might find.

Both are acts of desperation when the war has already been lost.

Accidents happen. Last year the German Government paid millions for an expensive advertising campaign promoting the many merits of Germany and her people.

Without realising that someone else had used the slogan sixty years ago.