Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pope speaks

to the Austrian bishops
"You, dear brothers in the episcopacy, know this well: there are some topics relating to the truth of the faith, and above all to moral doctrine, which are not present in the catechesis and preaching of your dioceses to a sufficient extent, and which sometimes, for example in pastoral outreach to youth in the parishes or groups, are either not confronted at all or are not addressed in the clear sense understood by the Church. Thanks be to God, it is not like this everywhere. Perhaps those who are responsible for the proclamation [of the Gospel] are afraid that people may draw back if they speak too clearly. However, experience in general demonstrates that it is precisely the opposite that happens. Don't deceive yourselves! Catholic teaching offered in an incomplete manner is a contradiction of itself and cannot be fruitful in the long term. [You can say that again]. The proclamation of the Kingdom of God goes hand in hand with the demand for conversion and with the love that encourages, that knows the way, that teaches that with the grace of God even that which seemed impossible becomes possible. Think of how, little by little, religious instruction, catechesis on various levels, and preaching can be improved, deepened, and, so to speak, completed!"

Catholic bishops

now think the Apocalypse of St. John is symbolic. So they won't be ready when it happens!

E(e)rie Benedictine Nuns

The way they are.

The way they were.

Small wonder then that Benedictine schools are closing.

More baby than Father.

A Dominican on pilgrimage in Poland.

Another Dominican giving a lecture on justice.

Dominicans who have neither forgotten St Dominic and St Thomas Aquinas, nor their Lord.
Our Lord after a fire started by enemies of the Catholic Church in a Church in Porto Belo, Brazil.
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