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St Judas, Patron Saint of Modernists

They even set up a shrine to him in Austria, as reported by Cathcon in the story from March 2005, reproduced below. _________ Shrine to Judas in the town of Linz, Austria From the town that brought to the world Adolf Hitler now comes in the Ursuline Church an art installation for Lent, "Requiem for a friend Judas Iskarioth" ( Iscariot ).

The text accompanying the exhibition says that Judas should be made a saint and that he did not commit suicide but was done away with by the other apostles. It claims that the installation shows Judas with a halo. He is the intercessor for all suicides, for all those excluded, excommunicated, mocked, for all witches and apostates!

And, unbelievably, they light candles for Judas.

In contrast, the Gospel teaches:
"Those whom thou gavest me have I kept: and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition: that the scripture may be fulfilled." --Jesus Christ (John 17:12)

" Jesus replied to them, Did I not choose the twelve of you, and behold one of you is a devil" (John 6:70)

The artist of this abomination one Walter Gschwandtner.

The installation is located in the crypt where the Usuline Sisters are buried. In fact, it is the place where their bodies were laid before burial. The exhibition opened in Lent with a Mass (see pictures below). The exhibition is open every Sunday before Mass during Lent, and then will have a special showing on Good Friday, prior to a "Spiritual Concert". This Church no longer has the traditional ceremonies of Good Friday, but are celebrating Judas.

And nothing new under the sun. The Gnostic sect of the Cananites venerated Judas.

I hope any Catholic reading this would wish to protest. Here are the details of the Bishop of the Diocese, with the e-mail at the bottom of the page. Write in any language you choose, he certainly understands English. Please do not be abusive but firm in demanding clarification as to why such an outrage can take place.

The notice outside the Ursuline Church announcing the outrage, which implies that the opening Mass was a requiem for Judas.

The outrage apparently took place under the auspices of the Forum St. Severin for Christian Spirituality, Formation and Art, the Catholic Academic Association of the Diocese of Linz.

Other items on show:

This is the "Shrine" of "St" Judas

This was also exhibited at an earlier exhibition "Mary Annunciate and/or the Soup of the First Betrothal". The artist claims that it represents a lily!. There is nothing pure about this exhibition, either in content or intent.

This is the artist's version of a cross; the leather webbing, he calls "Corpus Christi- the Body of Christ"

This is meant to be the bowl in which Pilate washed his hands, also created by the artist. What is truth? The Church has only an 8 pm Mass on Sunday which attracts all the semi-lapsed Catholics of Linz, often intellectuals. It is not surprising that such intellectuals, who have often betrayed the Catholic faith, either in a small or a large way, should be confortable with such an exhibition dedicated to the ultimate betrayal in world history. Pray for them and all the Diocese of Linz.

More work by the artist (but not on display). No idea what it means. How many hours work?

The Ursuline Sisters left in 1968; their convent now contains a restaurant and the HQ of the Upper Austrian Press Association.

To the left, the Ursuline Church in Linz where Judas is being celebrated on Good Friday. The Church is still open as a Church but the convent has been transfered to secular use. To the right, the Carmelite Church, who still maintain Catholicism in a recognisable form.

And I forgot, the convent also contains the Upper Austrian photo gallery. The restaurant is called PapaJoes

Another part is also the U/hof Theatre which also contains an art gallery.

Requiem dla przyjaciela: Judasza Iskarioty A Polish forum has published the pictures with a commentary in Polish. A visitor to this site suggests that Judas would make a candidate for the "ecumenical caldendar of saints". One would have assumed that even given the debased standards for sanctity set by ecumenical calendars, Judas would be beneath them, but no! A German Lutheran site, the Church Year- Kirchenjahr already has the Wednesday of holy week as his feast day, with liturgical colours and readings. The site is independent but I think well used by Lutheran parishes in Germany.

A previous post highlighted the handing out of bananas by Linz Diocese. Now they resort to Judas to attract people into Church.

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Surely, Roger Mahoney dedicated the shrine.

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A dandy site, one might think, to hold negotiations between Rome and the SSPX.