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No priest shortage

Keep feminists and their clerical poodles away from your children

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Dutch Catholics have re-branded the Lent fast as the Christian Ramadan'

Pope Pius XII assisted Zionist cause

From the Basilica of St Denis to one dedicated to Mohammed

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New Gregorian chant score

Turnout 13.8 percent for a parochial church council election in Germany

Scary concert in Salzburg Church

Lets all hold hands and it will be just OK

Flower power

Stricter new rules for the celebration of the ordinary form of Mass are not envisaged

Jewish boycott of German Catholic Church Congress

The liturgical reform was a victory for frivolity

Celibacy stays

The Mass returns to the Pantheon in Rome

Bishop behaves like Bishop- shock- horror

New Uses for Old Churches

Vatican to 'review' taking of Communion in the hand

Cardinal dismisses

Cardinal Kasper- Dialogue with Islam difficult

Top Catholic layman in Germany slammed down by Bishop

Enough Tridentine Mass Hysteria -

Church's man in the EU

Vice-Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference fighting the will of the Pope

Me Transmitte Sursum, Caledoni - Part II

Rest Eternal Grant unto them

Welcome description

Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni!

Mother Angelica's Congregation returns to its first home in France

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch continues to divide Catholic parishes.

Stealth priestess leads the Corpus Christi Procession

Blasted heath Mass in Germany

Episcopal games must stop.

Where there is no vision the people perish

Martin Luther - a challenge for Catholics

Even though Benedict XVI will not be able to attend

German angst about celibacy

Lambeth Palace has no shame

Fault lines in German Catholicism

Pope keeps European Parliament on tenterhooks

New life breathed into Gillibrand Hall

It has not pleased God to save Germany by disputation

German Catholic bishops go to war - with each other

Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer

Pope Benedict advises religious orders

I was once accused of being hostile to the "principles" of the French Revolution

More Latin Masses everywhere- well almost everywhere!

Archbishop Zollitsch meets the Pope in Rome in March

Meet the new President of the European Association of Heads of Religious Orders

Archbishop Zollitsch in action

Fault lines in German Catholicism

What does Cardinal Lehmann mean by "guidelines"?

Youth Mass with Grill Following

Plenty of Balloons but no Cross

Regulating the quality and quantity of new saints

Islamic criticism and support

Fault lines dividing German Catholicism

Pseudo-clerical spiritual elites in Linz

Gay blessings? Simple cynicism in Vienna’s Cathedral

Nuntius in Austria celebrates Latin Mass for the 150th Anniversary of Lourdes

Catholic Political Party in Québec

Egypt: Applause for Rowan Williams

Europe is dreaming

There is great joy in heaven over the liberal that repents

My Lord and my God