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Great video- but will someone make the same with the Latin Mass


Catholic youth deserve better!

Life Teen Mass

One incredible video of gyrating priest and servers.

The Shame of the Diocese of Buffalo

St Ann Church and Shrine, for the lack of one priest to be turned into a religious arts museum. So much effort, when the solution is so simple.

No priest shortage


Anyone who has further examples of priests not saying daily Mass, concelebrations, inefficient use of priest's time and effort, laity standing in the way of Mass, offers of help turned down

Just e-mail or comment.

Anonymous contributions of course accepted- especially from priests!

How many Masses are missing every day?

Cathcon translation of Kein Priestermangel

When the latest statistics of the Roman Catholic Church were published, we heard yet again loud lamentations about the priest shortage. From the Right Revd. Matthias Rey.

I myself am a young priest (aged 43) and only 40% of my time is in fixed employment. If I hear of a priest shortage, the following facts make me so angry.

Here are some figures from Central Switzerland. At other locations, there are likely to be similar comings and goings.

Since September 2006, I have lived in the Parish of Biberegg in the Diocese of Chur and am available as a supply priest. During these 1½ years, I have not yet once been asked to say Mass in a so-called priestless parish .

The requests to act as a supply priest came exclusively from priests, never lay “theologians” or deacons.

It is baffling when I offer my services to a parish in which once a month instead of the Sunday Vigil Mass, a “Liturgy of the Word” service is held, and to me the priest in charge says that he has no need for my services.

From a priest friend, I learned that, as a priest, he was not allowed to celebrate Mass at the memorial ceremony of his uncle. The responsible deacon explicitly did want Mass to be celebrated at funerals, not even by a priest related to the deceased.

I sometimes visit a small town in the Canton of Lucerne in the Diocese of Basel. Even when I notify them a long time in advance, the Holy Mass is not allowed to be celebrated, except on certain days set by the competent church leaders.

In a parish in the Canton of Schwyz in the Diocese of Chur, a young priest is living who often has no firm commitment from a priest for the Sunday morning. His parish priest forbids him to make use of foreign assistance. I have reported the incident to the Vicar General and the Dean. Nothing has changed.

In the town of Zug in the Diocese of Basel, there is a house of retired missionaries but who are quite capable and willing to be supply priests. It happens that not one of these priests has been requested to supply, while in several nearby parishes because of the "priest shortage" on Sunday a Service of the Word is celebrated.

Twenty priests live in the town of Zug, 17 of whom are still active. But of the three parishes of the city, only one has a permanent pastor.

Just in the Deanery of Innerschwyz in the Diocese of Chur - the inner part of the Canton of Schwyz with 22 parishes excluding Einsiedeln – there are about forty priests, not including those 17 priests who are over 75 years old.

Especially in the Diocese of Basel, there are countless examples of how so-called female and male church leaders prohibit priests from publicly celebrating Mass in “their” parishes. These are partly older priests, or priests, on a visit or a journey.

They do not want the popular “Liturgy of the Word” services to compete with Mass.

It is true that the clergy is elderly and we are heading for a priest shortage,. But the way that the existing "resources" are dealt with today would be like facing an imminent famine by allowing existing food to rot.

Moreover, the question is whether the tasks that are currently undertaken by pastoral assistants from Germany, could not be taken over by priests from India or Poland.

In some materially poor dioceses, there are young men whose priestly vocation cannot be fulfilled because the means for the training are lacking.

To talk about the priest shortage, without taking into consideration the opportunities to correct it into consideration, seems to me not to be honest. The people who are theologically trained and who do not want to be or cannot be priests have vested interests.

Also would be very interesting to know what these theologians, who frequently broadcast in public that there are not enough priests and under this pretext claim the right to hold "their" “Liturgy of the Word” services in parishes, have done to combat the priest shortage,

Do these lay theologians pray for vocations to the priesthood and convey to young people the impression that our local church needs priests?

I would like to see a panel discussion at an open meeting about the priest shortage and would wish myself to participate. But perhaps some theologians would be fearful of such an open discussion.

The author lives in the Parish of Biberegg in Rothenthurm, a town in the Swiss canton of Schwyz.

Keep feminists and their clerical poodles away from your children

Unless you want them to be tainted forever by the baleful effects of original sin. As Rome rules feminist-inspired baptisms invalid.

Even my twin brother who is an Anglican vicar manages to baptise validly (as far as I am aware). Seems feminists however can't get anything right.

Petition to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

for the Beatification of Pope Pius XII

Last chance to sign today.

A Catholic Dictionary

containing some account of the doctrine, discipline, rites, ceremonies, councils, and religious orders of the Catholic church

Enjoy the Glory of Catholicism. Cathcon has a later edition where under M is to be found Modernism. On Cathcon shortly! Modernists, take cover!

Why replace this?


With this- as the Augustinians have done in Ireland.

Note the comfortable chairs, but then swing around and see what has become of the High Altar. So proud of their modernity, but just completely lacking in aesthetic sense.

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Dutch Catholics have re-branded the Lent fast as the Christian Ramadan'

in an attempt to appeal to young people who are more likely to know about Islam than Christianity.:

The Catholic charity Vastenaktie, which collects for the Third World across the Netherlands during the Lent period, is concerned that the Christian festival has become less important for the Dutch over the last generation.

'The image of the Catholic Lent must be polished. The fact that we use a Muslim term is related to the fact that Ramadan is a better-known concept among young people than Lent,' said Vastenaktie Director, Martin Van der Kuil."

Cathcon- in the land that brought you the heretical Dutch Catechism, the sickness continues- are the Bishops asleep?

Pope Pius XII assisted Zionist cause

blog from Ruth Gledhill using some material I unearthed.

From the Basilica of St Denis to one dedicated to Mohammed

Cathcon translation of Le Salon Beige: De la basilique de Saint-Denis à Mahomet

A reader tells us that having been visiting the Basilica of the Kings of France with his children, he was surprised by the book dedicated "Tour of Discovery / for the young visitors"

First, on page 8, "Dagobert, the first King buried in Saint-Denis." The first sentence of the paragraph is "A contemporary of Muhammad, Dagobert was king of the Franks from 629 to 639."

Further, on page 9, the paragraph entitled "Question", the first sentence is: "In the Bible it says that the angel Gabriel, the same who gave the Koran to Mohammed, came one day to announce to Mary, a girl betrothed to Joseph, that she would soon have a son named Jesus. "

The booklet does not end (yet) by "the mosque in Saint-Denis was a long time ago, the Basilica of the Kings of France."

The author seems to believe more that the Koran was given by the Angel Gabriel to Mohammed than in the reality of the Annunciation.

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Vatican ruling is bad news

for opponents of parish closings:

"In a decree that is dimming the hopes of Catholics who have challenged the closings of parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston, the Vatican's highest tribunal has refused an appeal brought by parishioners whose church in Lowell was closed by Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley four years ago."

New Gregorian chant score

for the new Good Friday prayer for the Jews from the Church Music Association of America.

Turnout 13.8 percent for a parochial church council election in Germany

democracy in the Church as far as it gets.

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Scary concert in Salzburg Church


Lets all hold hands and it will be just OK


German Catholic youth work

Flower power


Stricter new rules for the celebration of the ordinary form of Mass are not envisaged

Archbishop Ranjith says his remarks were taken out of context.

The end of the reform of the reform?

Jewish boycott of German Catholic Church Congress


Cathcon translation of
Karfreitagsgebet für Juden-Bekehrung überschattet Katholikentag:
Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of Jews overshadows German Catholic Church Congress.

The new Catholic Good Friday prayer for the conversion of Jews has now affected the upcoming German Catholic Church Congress

The representative of the World Union for Progressive Judaism in Germany, Walter Homolka,

has cancelled his participation in the Christian meeting in Osnabrück in May. The Catholic prayer for “enlightenment of the Jews", after the guilt of the Catholic Church "in the history of their relationship with the Jews" and most recently in the time of National Socialism, is "totally inappropriate" and "should be rejected in the strongest terms," he said on Monday in Potsdam.

The World Union with 1.6 million members in 46 countries is the world's largest Jewish religious organization. The liberal rabbi, at the same time, criticised the announcement by the Episcopal Conference at its spring meeting restricting possibilities for further multi-religious celebrations. "The relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish community by these hostile acts stand at a testing time and at the lowest point for decades," said Homolka, who directs in Potsdam, the Abraham Geiger College, the only German training center for rabbis .

In this climate, the maintenance of hospitality is no longer possible, according to Homolka. Catholic-Jewish community celebrations and the common reading of the Christian New Testament establish mutual confidence, "Which as far as I am concerned, cannot be felt anymore." Included in the programme of the 97th German Catholic Congress are included a so-called "Centre for Christian-Jewish Dialogue" and a "Centre of Islamic-Christian Dialogue".

Pope Benedict XVI has in the past year again permitted the controversial Latin Tridentine Mass. The associated Good Friday intercession "for the Jews", which, inter alia, speaks of the "blindness" of the Jews was issued in a changed form in February. The impact of the text was defused, but still calls for "enlightenment" and "salvation" of the Jews by the Christian God. The Italian Rabbinical Assembly subsequently cancelled talks with the Catholic Church. The Good Friday prayer in the new form is to be used in Catholic church services for the first time this year.

The liturgical reform was a victory for frivolity


Leading Italian journalist speaks out against liturgical reform and for the Latin Mass.

Cathcon translation of
Die Liturgiereform war ein Sieg der Frivolität

The direction was false: "Have you ever seen a general or leader who marches backwards."

"I have no doubt that the Tridentine rite is the true liturgy," the journalist Michele Mirabella (64) has said to the Italian website 'Papanews'.

Mirabella is a well-known television presenter on Italian state television. He loves the Latin language: "A frivolous modernism has meant that in recent times even the Church has neglected the Latin language " - he says.

The outriders of the Second Vatican Council claimed to be able to rationalise what by nature cannot be rationalised:

"Therefore, frivolity and a tendency to the banal too often triumphed, while in the old Rite everything was more sober, purer and more elegant."

For Mirabella, the liturgy is order, elegance and harmony: "These are properties that the old Rite perfectly and completely preserved."

The journalist has known both forms of the Mass - the old Latin Mass as well as Mass in the vernacular: "I do not deny that I prefer the first."

He is personally convinced that the priest should look towards the tabernacle, to the east,: "Because it is Christ, not His servant, who leads the people of God."

"Have you ever seen a general or leader who marches backwards." - Mirabella asked the interviewing journalists.

During a celebration of Mass, the priest should turn his back to the people and towards the Tabernacle. His face should rather be giving attention to the radiance and glory of Jesus Christ:

"I am speaking not piously, but as a thinking layman."

Mirabella does not understand how it is possible not to love Gregorian Chant.

Victory of the banal
Further, he strikes out for the Latin language: "Those who claimed that one understands little because of the use of Latin during Mass are deceivers "

If this really would be a problem, one could teach more Latin in schools:

"The pious old woman of yesteryear understood perhaps no Latin. But she participated with Faith, honesty and respect in the great mystery of the Mass. "

Because the old Rite is for him sublime, uplifting and beautiful: "Those who condemn the Mass have not understood."

The journalist defended the old Rite, in contrast to the "transitory and empty" ideas that have spread among the Faithful after the Second Vatican Council:

"It is the translation of the Missals into the new language, which is frankly, colourless, ugly and inelegant, which makes me quite sick."

The use of guitars and other instruments in anti-liturgical worship Mirabella holds to be a "blasphemy":

"I have nothing against the guitar itself, but I think the improvised concerts during the Eucharist to be an insult to the aesthetic taste. They limit the spirituality. "

TheMotu proprio to free the Latin Mass, Mirabella calls an "act of justice and freedom". He calls for progressives and modernists, to be tolerant and to respect others.

The Pope believes the journalist to be an "extraordinary intellectual - a person with a huge education."

Mirabella expressly stressed that he did not want to make comparisons.

But he said that the late Pope John Paul II is rightly praised for the many documents of this great Pope which had been drafted with the valuable assistance of the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Modernism- beached, upside down and about to be deflated.

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Celibacy stays

Cathcon translation of "Zölibat bleibt"

Within the Catholic Church, according to the assessment by the Benedictine Abbot Primate Notker Wolf, in the immediate future, there will no loosening of celibacy. "The Pope could not lay this down," he said in an interview of "Rheinische Post" in Dusseldorf. Since it would mean a change to a centuries long tradition of the church, the Pope would need the consensus of all the bishops. The last Synod of Bishops in Rome however had voted against a loosening of celibacy by a large majority. Between celibacy and a decline in entry into the religious life, the Abbot Primate sees no causal link. Those who enter a religious order, deliberately chose "divinely ordained celibacy." But one should also say, "that under the current societal influences the choice of a celibate life has become more difficult," said the highest-ranking representative of the approximately worldwide 8,000 Benedictines.

His latest book- What are we waiting for? but mercifully its all about German politics.

The Mass returns to the Pantheon in Rome


Bishop behaves like Bishop- shock- horror

Move by Bishop Braxton to block speaker called censorship

New Uses for Old Churches

"If you're looking for a good deal on a beautiful old building you might want to talk to the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Dozens of Western New York church buildings are up for sale because of the diocese's downsizing plan."

Vatican to 'review' taking of Communion in the hand

Further moves in the Benedictine closing down of the liberal Catholic agenda.

See Communion in the Hand and other Frauds by Michael Davies

But note- a reform of the reform is not necessary.

The original Stampa article. The Homily is not a show.

Cardinal dismisses

entire board of London Catholic hospital

The British Medical Association says that their code of ethics, in which it states that a doctor's personal beliefs should not interfere with treatment provided, takes precedence over the teaching of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of life. Don't make me laugh.

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Cardinal Kasper- Dialogue with Islam difficult

Cathcon translation of
Dialog mit Islam schwierig

Curial Cardinal, Walter Kasper has given the assessment that Christian-Islamic dialogue continues to be difficult. There should be in this respect be no illusions, said the President of the Pontifical Council for Unity on Friday at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences in Mainz. Muslims derived from the Koran a different understanding of people. He stressed that the Catholic Church wants dialogue and cooperation with the moderate Muslims. With the radicals, however, this was not possible. No false "idea of harmony " should be allowed to develop, said Kasper. Also, Islam and Judaism are not on an equal footing. Christianity was without the Jewish religion not possible, however, Islam was founded after Christianity.

Top Catholic layman in Germany slammed down by Bishop

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Cathcon translation of
Unerwünschte Stilberatung
Unwanted advice on Style

He considers himself the guardian of the German bishops and reads them the riot act regularly. But now he has attracted to himself a resounding slap in the face - from a Bishop.

On Friday evening, the press office of the Diocese of Regensburg sharply rejected allegations from the President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Hans Joachim Meyer.

The Central Committee of German Catholics is a steering group of representatives of Catholic lay organizations in Germany, with headquarters in Bonn.

Hans Joachim Meyer (71) is a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union.

About the press, he had accused the Bishop of Regensburg, Mons. Gerhard Ludwig Mueller (60), of keeping away from the farewell Mass for the emeritus archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Friedrich Wetter. It was "unseemly" and showed a "bad style."

The Bishop of Regensburg had a diary clash and was in Stammham , a parish with 3,600-souls- in the region of Eichstaett. There, he celebrated a Pontifical Mass, took part in a procession and blessed the construction of a kindergarten.

The reasons from the bishop

The Press Office noted that the bishop had apologised for his absence from the Munich church service several weeks ago. He was represented by the two Regensburg AuxiliaryBishops , Mons. Reinhard Pappenberger (49) and Mons. Vincent Guggenberger (78).

According to the press office, the date in the parish of Stammham was fixed months ago. The parish had been intensely and painstakingly prepared for this day: "Nobody would have sympathy for a rejection at short notice."

Slap in the face for Meyer

Then the press release turned its attention to the President of the Central Committee of German Catholics.

It is not one of his tasks to be a style consultant for the German bishops: "Especially when one of the reasons is that someone who wasn’t there cannot know."

Meyer's remained faithful to his own "style" - the quotation marks in the original text. He makes diagnoses at a distance from outside, without getting informed directly and likes his self-imposed role of judging the bishops:

"It would be good if Herr. Meyer would judge his verbal circular letters by his own rules."

"This statement is banal"

Meyer also criticized the 18 February press release of the Bishop of Regensburg.

In it Mons. Mueller stated on the celibacy statements by Archbishop of Freiburg , Robert Zollitsch that "in a quick interview about the priesthood and celibacy, not everything could be detailed sufficiently to satisfy theological standards."

Meyer commented on this statement with the observation: "An interview is not a dissertation."

"This statement is not trivial" - the Bishop’s Press Office. The opinion of the Regensburg Chief Pastor had been clear "that complex topics such as the question of celibacy, need to be more accurately illuminated."

In the interview, which had tried to cover many issues, the important and difficult question of celibacy could not be answered in a sufficiently detailed way.

The unfair instrumentalization of statements by Archbishop Zollitsch in their use for agitation against the priestly celibacy must be countered –concluded the press office of the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference in his defence.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enough Tridentine Mass Hysteria -

from the Jewish Daily Forward. The Good Friday prayer realistically is hardly one of the major threats facing the Jewish communities.

And one thing for sure Cathcon will never embrace the sacred messiness of life- see the title of the Rabbi's book.

Church's man in the EU


And seen for the first time in many years in a dog collar. He once admitted to me that the Church has zero influence in the EU and appeared to blame freemasons for this sorry state of affairs.

Hopefully, COMECE (Cathcon- what do we do? they ask- Preach Him and Him Crucified- not a chance) will sense the wind of change blowing from Rome, and appoint someone loyal to Pope Benedict. Then some real progress could be made.

Vice-Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference fighting the will of the Pope

Can it be a surprise that the Bishop Mussinghof of Aachen who once declared "God is not Catholic", is a sworn enemy of the Latin Mass? When he declared that "God is not Catholic", the reporter from Radio Vatican who was present, said, if he said that in Rome, he would be finished. He is not the only Bishop with a split personality, one Roman, one Diocesan.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Cathcon translation of
Bistum Aachen im Aufwind?
Diocese of Aachen with a new impetus?

The Bishop of Aachen cannot decide to obey the desire of the Pope and to implement the Motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' in his Diocese into action.

Why are the bishops fighting against one Church once again full when the old Mass is celebrated?

There will be in Moenchengladbach, from 7 April 2008 on Monday at 18:00 pm in the Parish of Holy Cross, Luissenstrasse 127, a regular old Mass. Moenchengladbach is a city with about 265,000 inhabitants. It is located on the Lower Rhine between Roermond and Dusseldorf.

The Mass was announced on 12 February in a press release from the Diocese of Aachen. The release said that the Bishop sought to fulfil the wishes of the Initiative "Motu proprio in Moenchengladbach" .

That is not quite the truth.

Since the release of the Motu proprio, the Initiative - under fierce resistance from the Diocese and the local church representatives – sought a Sunday mass in the old Rite. But now the time for the Mass will be Monday evening at 18:00 pm. This is, for many workers, unfortunately, a very bad time. Due to the time, several believers will not be able to assist at the Mass.

Regarding the indult Mass in the City, one can still hear from the Aachen General Vicariate that this takes place "at the express wish of the parties concerned" in the chapel of a psychiatric institution on Thursday.

Different in Moenchengladbach. There, the thoughts of those affected have not been sought .

The old Mass fits badly into the planning of the Diocese of Aachen, although it does not lack Churches.

In Moenchengladbach, two churches have been empty long-term. Another was recently sold. The main parish "The Assumption of Mary" in the inner city has become the so-called "City Church" - that is, converted to an "event hall " -.

The old oak benches were auctioned as handicraft wood.

Now one hears of plans, even to turn the St.Vitus Cathedral Basilica into an "event-hall". In the City of Moenchengladbach, almost all the churches seem be closed. In May, another priest leaves the city of Moenchengladbach. Then - as was already announced - "unfortunately" four parishes will probably be run by volunteer parochial leadership.

The trend is to a church without priests. That is perhaps one reason why no one wants a Sunday Mass in the old Rite.

They fear that this would create competition for the priestless lay-led church services on Sunday.

Nevertheless, the Initiative "Motu proprio in Moenchengladbach" will continue to press for a Sunday Mass in the Old Rite.

Upon inquiry, the group confirmed that they were in a position for a priest from an "Ecclesia Dei," community to come each Sunday to Moenchengladbach providing he could obtain permission from the Diocese of Aachen.

But the Diocese blocked this with the flimsy grounds that the celebrant of the old Mass had to come from the Diocese - although for a Sunday Mass in old rite no priest can be made available.

This policy of prevention is contrary to the procedure, which is set out in 'Summorum Pontificum'.

Under Article 7 of the Motu proprio, the Bishop of Aachen, if there is a lack of a priest, should turn to Rome to the Commission "Ecclesia Dei-'. It seems to be the case in Aachen that they don't want to do this.

Rome could appoint the priest from an "Ecclesia Dei" community for the Sunday Mass in Moenchengladbach.

Pope Benedict XVI himself has the entrusted the Roman personal parish for the old Rite to "Ecclesia Dei" priests and indicated that the community is a model for the whole Church.

The problem is also apparent that the Diocese in Moenchengladbach wants no Sunday Mass in the old Rite will - despite the fact that the faithful make clear their wishes and have argued in accordance with the law.

The desire would be, according to the Initiative "Motu proprio in Moenchengladbach", easy to meet. One would have only to keep open on Sunday for two hours one of the nearly fifty churches in Moenchengladbach.

This is already the case for the Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Polish, Croatian and Aramaic languages.

But in Moenchengladbach, one feels catapulted back to the time of "Indult Masses" and episcopal arbitrariness, although 'Summorum Pontificum' gives back freedom to the old Mass. The Monday evening Mass in Moenchengladbach is limited by the Bishop to a year.

Will what has waxed in the Diocese of Aachen then wane again?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Me Transmitte Sursum, Caledoni - Part II


1889 versus 2005. From the cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul (Providence, RI, USA). 

Rest Eternal Grant unto them


Welcome description

from the Contrarians' Review

"-Catholic Church Conservation (Trying to do just what it says)"

Compare and contrast the United Reform Church, which isn't.

Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni!

Beam me up Scotty!
(Cathcon translation!)

No significant signs of Catholicism have been found in the Shared Anglican/ Catholic Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Milton Keynes, of which this is the chapel. Modernists of all denominations have taken over this planet. The ordinary faithful who used to rule the planet are being oppressed.

Mother Angelica's Congregation returns to its first home in France


Archbishop Robert Zollitsch continues to divide Catholic parishes.

Bishop Mixa joins battle. Archbishop Zollitsch while still clearly not labouring under any prohibition against thinking about the abolition to celibacy cannot bring himself to speak about it anymore.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Cathcon translation of
Erzbischof Robert Zollitsch spaltet weiterhin die katholische Kirchengemeinde.

Shortly after his election as chairman of the German Bishops' Conference Zollitsch, in an interview, spoke out against "prohibitions against thinking" about celibacy . The theologian Hans Küng goes a step further and calls for the German bishops to promote the abolition of celibacy to the Vatican. The Bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa, however, called Zollitsch's statements "not helpful" for the Church. Zollitsch himself will not speak further about the debate on the abolition of celibacy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stealth priestess leads the Corpus Christi Procession


Guilty of incipient protestantism by carrying a Gospel Book in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Catholics venerate Our Lord in this Most Blessed Sacrament, not the Gospel Book in itself, although judging by some liturgical performances there are some that do.

Blasted heath Mass in Germany

With grill following!

Episcopal games must stop.

Why Brentwood Catholics are incensed.

And looks as if Monster Masses will be shortly a thing of the past as Archbishop says that the book that he wrote, he didn't write- it was just the wild imaginings of editors, which he then put his name to.

Where there is no vision the people perish

as Church of England donates cash to aid Muslim prayer

"A diocese of the Church of England is giving an unprecedented £250,000 towards a multi-faith building in which the largest amount of worship space will be reserved for Muslims.

The Guildford diocese is one of the wealthiest in the UK. The Bishop of Guildford, the Right Rev Christopher Hill, today handed over the £250,000 cheque to Surrey University for the first multi-faith building of its kind in Britain."

Martin Luther - a challenge for Catholics


The Bishop of Magdeburg, Gerhard Feige wants more involvement of the Catholic Church in the 500th anniversary of the Reformation due in the year 2017. Luther was also for Catholics "a spiritual and theological challenge”

who cannot be avoided on the path to the unity of the Christians," said the Magdeburg bishop. (Cathcon- I seem to remember that Luther split the Church) The Evangelical Church in Germany is planning a decade of celebrations leading up to the anniversary of the Reformation which will be inaugurated this September. During the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the death of the reformer Martin Luther in 1996, there was also an Ecumenical Church Day in Eisleben, recalled Feige. The historical realities could not be undone. But they could be healed by Christians together by meeting the positive concerns of the Reformation.
(Cathcon- what positive concerns- the very name protestant is negative)

One also should never forget the grotesque anti-semitism of Luther.

He preached in Magdeburg and to this day, the centre of the town is a predominantly Protestant. Such a position as the Bishop's gives him a toehold in the society of the town, no more.

Even though Benedict XVI will not be able to attend

The Church in Quebec is enthusiastically preparing the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.

Surely the Papal no-show is not something to do with the fact that Archbishop Marini is organising the Congress. No surely not.

German angst about celibacy

spreads to Brazil.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lambeth Palace has no shame

as they purchase a copy of the death warrant of Mary Queen of Scots

Fault lines in German Catholicism


Cathcon translation of
Presseerklärung des Netzwerks katholischer Priester
Press Statement by the Network of Catholic Priests

"Celibacy is not theologically necessary" (Archbishop Zollitsch)

This was among the statements on 18.02. 2008 made by the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference

The misleading statements by the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference on the obligation to celibacy of Catholic priests (Spiegel, 18.02.2008) has reopened the discussion on this subject and given the public the impression that this issue is now up for re-negotiation. As the headline in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stated in its Monday edition "Zollitsch moves away from celibacy," (18.02. 2008). This external impact, the chairman of the Bishops’ Conference is responsible for as he has gone public on the matter.

The Network of Catholic Priests feels that the statements of His Excellency are "unhelpful" and not one that strengthens the identity of the Catholic priest - especially with regard to the young priests. The Bishop's thought games on the topic of "celibacy" unsettle the faithful and make the service of consecrated priest on the ground more difficult.

The Network of Catholic Priests has repeatedly pointed out that the so-called "cooperative pastoral" propagated in the German dioceses represents danger for the young priest: Priests are bound into these structures, which rob them of their duties as head of the parish and teacher of the Faith and lead them into the practical breakdown of the parochial principle.In our opinion, the obligation to a celibate way of life (which also priestly service to the most appropriate life form, see Second Vatican Council: PO 16) does not damage the young priest, but the dilution of the sacramental priesthood by (Cathcon- pseudo)-democratic organizational structures.

We feel a new round of the celibacy discussion to be diversionary and ask the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference imploringly to raise the real problems of the Church in Germany.

The Panel of Spokesmen- All three Parochial Clergy

All this comes from when people forget that a priest acts in persona Christi- he is no longer a layman, but he is not Jesus Christ, just acting in his person. He should not be a President but a servant. There is the true balance will be found, not by clericalising the laity, and laicising the clergy.

Pope keeps European Parliament on tenterhooks

Welt Online

Cathcon translation of
Benedikt XVI. lässt EU-Parlamentspräsidenten zappeln

The EU parliament adorns itself with prominent guests. The Dalai Lama was already there, the South African Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu also - as well as the Russian opposition leader, Garry Kasparov.

Last week, Prince Charles gave royal splendour to Brussels and gave the European Parliament a fiery speech about the issue dear to his heart, climate protection. Only one person keeps the President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering on tenterhooks: Pope Benedict XVI.

Reportedly, the Parliament of MEPs sent an invitation to the Vatican about a year ago, but the Pope wraps himself in silence - why, no one knows, and no one dares to get to the bottom of it. One can only wait and hope, they say. Nothing more.

Some suspect that the reluctance of head of the Church is associated with the bad experiences of his predecessor. When Pope John Paul II once graced the MEPs with a visit, he was was reviled by the Northern Irish Protestant leader and current Prime Minister Ian Paisley as "the anti-Christ" and was thrown from the floor under loud protests.

Although this is 20 years ago - but today nobody can exclude embarrassing scenes. There are enough troublemakers in Parliament. Just back in December, a group of EU-sceptics from Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic had ensured a scandal, as they disrupted the solemn signing of the EU reform treaty with jeers and foot stamping.

A Papal visit for the "European Year of Intercultural Dialogue" would suite the EU, as the year is full with many dignified events. In January, the Great Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, talked to the MEPs. "There is no holy war, but peace is sacred," he said in his speech to much applause.

Also, the British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks,the Israeli President Shimon Perez, the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are on the invitation list of Parliament – an assembly of names that does not please everyone.

"It is scandalous that the European Parliament invites old men and not a single woman," complained the Swedish Green Carl Schlyter. Alternatives, however, he has not mentioned, not even a single old woman. These proposals are certainly welcome - as would be a sign from the Pope. But there is nothing ....

Surely the Pope has not gone so far as to identity these two. Although when you go inside the Strasbourg Building, one does find a courtyard, as the whole edifice is hollow and there is much talking, the content of which only insiders can understand.

New life breathed into Gillibrand Hall

once the home of Catholic gentry and latterly La Sagesse Sisters. The hall itself is now a nursing home, which as far as I could see is well run.

"A fabulous new development that’s just a mile away from Chorley town centre is coming to Gillibrands, as Redrow Homes launches its much-anticipated Hallwood Gardens.

The award-winning house builder has now officially unveiled the venture, located off Butterworth Brow, and house lovers on the hunt for the perfect home are being invited to visit the marketing suite to find out more about the latest Lancashire scheme.

The development will be constructed within the woodland grounds of the historic Grade II listed Gillibrands Hall building and the first completions are due in May 2007."

It has not pleased God to save Germany by disputation

to paraphrase St Ambrose.

Online Ausgabe der Tagespost

Cathcon translation of
Prohibition on thinking

Suddenly everyone knows it: Yesterday, Robert Zollitsch officially became Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference. And the hitherto largely unknown prelate is suddenly on everyone's lips. His fellow bishops elected the Archbishop of Freiburg in the previous week to succeed Cardinal Lehmann. From then on, all wanted to know who this man is, what he believes and what he thinks. Almost overnight, a rather quiet dignitary was catapulted into the spotlight. And Zollitsch willingly talked.

The first days after his election were marked by an interview offensive. Now we know more. That he was in love and would have been happy to become a father, the Archbishop told all and spoke about his passion for mountain climbing and cactus breeding. That certainly would never kickstart the debate, which now overshadows the office of Robert Zollitsch. That was ensured his comments on a possible easing of celibacy. The connection between the priesthood and celibacy was "theologically not necessary," he said in interviews, and spoke out against “prohibitions on thinking. " One might to excuse Zollitsch say that he lacks experience in the media. He then gave a more considered opinion, and rowed back cautiously, as the discussion has produced high waves.

But considered opinions are one thing, issues another. Now, the debate is running and Catholics are stuck back into old emotional disputes. Already, the disagreement between Rome and Germany is recalled and the Church once again spins around itself. This is not only sad, but tragic. Yesterday, it was still a question of God. Today, everything is about celibacy. Let no one say, that there was not the prospect to speak about fundamental matters.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

German Catholic bishops go to war - with each other

Cathcon comments- Behind the scenes, Lehmann obtained the least bad (in his eyes) conservative for the Archdiocese of Munich and worse still fixed the election of his own successor, the conservative's worst nightmare, Robert Zollitsch, the Archbishop of Freiburg- who now is trying to open up a debate about celibacy and supports civil partnerships.

Clearly, something terrible has gone on behind the scenes to make the conservative Bishops so very, very angry.

Cathcon sadly has no photos of Cardinal Lehmann going wild, but one taken shortly afterwards, where one


Cathcon translation of
Freiburg: Krach um Zollitsch
Freiburg: Dispute about Zollitsch

No harmony in the family of God: Four of eight Bavarian bishops on Sunday did not come to Munich for the farewell service for Cardinal Wetter. An interview from Zollitsch brings agitation.
In Munich Bishops Walter Mixa (Augsburg), Wilhelm Schraml (Passau), Friedhelm Hoffmann (Würzburg) and Gerhard Ludwig Müller (Regensburg) were missing. The last named inaugurated instead a new kindergarten, where he preached: "From the womb to old age, we are all members of the great family of God."

Beautiful, but, as in other families, there are disputes. The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes that the outgoing Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Karl Lehmann (Cathcon- seen below shortly afterwards during the service), went wild in the sacristy and said

"This is not just a kindergarten here."

The scandal of Munich is but only a part of the family dispute.

The other revolves around an interview with the Archbishop of Freiburg, Robert Zollitsch, in Der Spiegel. Zollitsch stated that homosexuality was for him a matter of social reality and the government should make rules for homosexual partnership. He distanced himself from the statements of Mixa on family policy. Words such as "child bearing machine" did not belong to his vocabulary, and broke down any discussion about the approach.

Then it came to celibacy which Zollitsch defended. But he also said: "And, of course, the connection between the priesthood and celibacy is not theologically necessary." This is anything but new, but for Bishop Mueller this went so against the grain, that he immediately he came out against the statement. Maybe he had just waiting for the occasion. Celibacy will never be repealed. The conservative "Network of Catholic Priests" leaped yesterday to Mueller’s defence. (Cathcon- more details soon)

About the motives of the four Bavarian bishops in not being seen in Munich, Hans Joachim Maier, President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, does not want to speculate. As much he said to the Badische Zeitung yesterday: "It was bad style, which is also not appropriate for a person such as Cardinal Wetter."

It was an affront not only against Wetter, but also against the non-Bavarian newcomer, Reinhard Marx, Wetter’s successor, whom the Conservatives count as one of theirs. And for Christian Weisner, spokesman for the lay movement "We Are Church", it meant a stab at Lehmann. Lehmann in the end had a considerable influence that Marx and none of the conservative Bavarians followed Wetter- and that his own successor was Zollitsch. The ranks of the hard-liners, including the Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, were empty. Lehmann’s activities sickened them.

Zollitsch, as his press spokesman Thomas Maier said yesterday, had noted the crossfire from Regensburg, but had nothing to say. Also Zollitsch was not in Munich because he, as Maier said, had an important appointment in Freiburg arranged a long time ago. He is not of Bavarian origin and on Sunday was not yet head of the German Bishops' Conference. The press office of the Archdiocese of Munich had in good religious tradition, "the directive, not to deliver a position." So, they have encouraged speculation.

The scandal of Munich and the dispute about celibacy have nothing directly to do with each other, but only indirectly: The conservatives are unhappy with the whole direction. Zollitsch understands church and society, and he knew what he was doing. He has given a sign. Some of his statements will not have pleased the Pope, but in any case it has displeased some of his episcopal colleagues, who for their part are forming up under Müller’s flag.

Zollitsch, at the outset of his tenure as Chairman of the Bishops' Conference made it clear that he is among the moderates. The toxic reaction from Regensburg shows that the arch-conservatives have understood this and find it hard to come to terms with. The gross discourtesy of Munich suits them. The fronts are now clear, the trenches visible.

Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer


Resident in the Priory of St. Thomas-Aquinas at Chémeré-le-Roi ,in Mayenne,France. The porterie of the convent was blessed in 1992 by Bishop Billé, then bishop of Laval, and the cloister by his successor Archbishop Maillard in 1998. They lead a religious life, culminating in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and shared prayer, Gregorian chant Office , in the Dominican Rites/usage as well manual and intellectual labour. Several Fathers deepen their formation with further University degrees (theology at the UCO Angers, philosophy at the Sorbonne,Paris).

"Contemplate and communicate to others the truth contemplated"

The Brotherhood is separate and distinct from the Order of Preachers, which they have received "spiritual patrimony" in 1988.

It is in contact with the authorities of the Order to discuss the possibility one day of aggregation at the "Family Dominican"

Pope Benedict advises religious orders

Return to your roots

And tear up all those modifications to your Rule and new customaries written after the Council.

See Fractured Face of Carmel

I was once accused of being hostile to the "principles" of the French Revolution

I gladly plead guilty.

Edmund Burke on The Death of Marie-Antoinette
"It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the queen of France, then dauphiness, at Versailles; and surely there never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision. I saw her just above the horizon, decorating and cheering the elevated sphere she had just begun to move in, glittering like a morning star full of life and splendor and joy. Oh, what a revolution....Little did I dream that I should have lived to see such disasters fall upon her, in a nation of gallant men, in a nation of men of honour and of cavaliers! I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards, to avenge even a look which threatened her with insult.
But the age of chivalry is gone; that of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded...."

–Edmund Burke, October 1793

More Latin Masses everywhere- well almost everywhere!

"The Mass is the Mass, but the traditional Latin Mass seems more sacred,":

Archbishop Zollitsch meets the Pope in Rome in March

At the rate he is going, there will be quite a reception committee for him.

To be charitable to the German bishops, perhaps they just didn't know- his previous career has been polished by cautious and wise administration. The archetypal sleeper who has awoken just at the end of his career. Clearly an elderly liberal in a hurry in the highest and last post of any importance that he will occupy.

Meet the new President of the European Association of Heads of Religious Orders


Lutgardis Craeynest

For comparison, the Founders of her Order
St Johannes Bosco and St Maria Mazzarello

Archbishop Zollitsch in action


So many servers, so few vocations to the priesthood and religious life. They will all end up as spiritual companions with enlightened feelings in the Zollitsch system.

Fault lines in German Catholicism

Cathcon translation of
Katholische Reformgruppen unterstuetzen Zollitsch
Catholic reform groups support Zollitsch

The remarks of the new Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch, on celibacy have attracted support from Catholic reform groups. Zollitsch is not alone among the 70 bishops in Germany, said the spokesman for the “Popular Church Movement” Christian Weisner to the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten." "It would be fantastic if other bishops, who thought the same way, have the courage to speak out." Zollitsch has raised this as one of the most pressing problems of the church at the beginning of his term. "Now we need the solidarity of the other bishops," Weisner said. "that speak from personal experience and from responsibility for the parishes." Priests need desperately need this , who have been in secret relationships.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What does Cardinal Lehmann mean by "guidelines"?

Cathcon translation of Was meint Kardinal Lehmann hier mit „Leitlinien“?

On 14 February, the outgoing chairman of the German Bishops' Conference made statements about the old Mass. Canon law context from the Right Revd Gero P. Weishaupt.

Do German bishops fear the gravitational pull of the old Mass?

In a press release following the Spring Meeting of the German Bishops Conference, Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz, took up a position on among other things, the implementation of the Motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum'.

The Cardinal sought to clarify: "The guidelines which we adopted at the Fall General Assembly on 26 Adopted in September 2007, have now been put into force by all diocesan bishops and been published in the official journals. "

This message calls into question: Have the bishops now adopted"guidelines" or "general implementing rules"?

What does Cardinal Lehmann mean here with "guidelines"?

As a canon lawyer, I present the following comments:

"Guidelines" are not "general implementation regulations' within the meaning of the decreta generalia exsecutoria (general implementing decrees) of Canon 32 CIC/1983.

Consequently, they cannot have binding force beyond those obligations which are created by the Motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' .

Implementation methods will be agreed exclusively by either an instruction following Canon 34, which is not primarily directed to the faithful, but to the church authorities, or by the general execution provisions provided by Canon 32 - but not by "guidelines".

Moreover, only general provisions can affect the implementation of the compliance Motu Propio - see Canon 32.

The term "guideline" is not a canon law term, that is, a category encountered in ecclesiastical law.

Guidelines in the true sense of the word cannot be put in place because they have no legal force, or only act as a regulation – as in the Motu proprio – with a solely executive function.
Rather guidelines are to serve general public understanding and act as an indicator of direction, as Cardinal Lehmann had rightly said following the autumn General Assembly of the German Bishops' Conference in September 2007.

The term "guidelines" used in the preface does not cover the ecclesiastical term "general implementing provisions” of Canon 32.

From the text of the press release, the requisite clarity for the legal security of the faithful of the old Rite is not provided, whether it concerns bishops who have already adopted for their dioceses either "guidelines" or "general implementing rules".

Only the latter would have binding force - but only in so far that they do not contradict the wording and the spirit of the Motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum'.

The canonical lawgiver in Canon 33 § 1 is unequivocal:
General implementing provisions, even if they are published in directories or otherwise designated documents - as well as in diocesan official journals -" do not to annul laws, and to the extent that its provisions contradict laws, they are devoid of any legal force. "

In individual cases - from diocese to diocese – it should be checked in the official journals whether the relevant diocesan bishop for the diocese, has indeed published "the general implementation regulations' within the meaning of Canon 32 adopt or just" guidelines ", which in relation to the implementation of the Motu Propio 'Summorum Pontificum' are not canonically binding, but only have power to give some direction.

If the decrees in the official Diocesan journals act as general implementing provisions, this would clearly emerge from the title and text.

Youth Mass with Grill Following


And the swimming pool came to.

Plenty of Balloons but no Cross


A youth Mass in Oberhausen, Germany

Regulating the quality and quantity of new saints

Pope sets down stricter criteria for sainthood

Islamic criticism and support

for the first Catholic church in Qatar

Fault lines dividing German Catholicism

Association of Catholic Associations loyal to the Pope - press statement

The newly elected chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Dr Robert Zollitsch has in an interview with Spiegel Online, 16 Feb. 2008 on the emotive issues of today's society expressed his personal opinion.

The Association of Catholic Associations loyal to the Pope negatively judges these critical comments. On the subject of celibacy, Archbishop Zollitsch advocates "no prohibitions against thinking" and believes "the connection between the priesthood and celibacy" to be "not theologically necessary." This position, the new chairman of the Bishops’ Conference opens up no new perspectives, but stokes emotions, which are in no way helpful. He even saids that a "farewell celibacy," is "a revolution, in which a part of the church would not participate". For this he would, however, as chief representative of the German bishops in a special way be responsible.

We believe that his statements on "kindergarten" as outrageous. With his "scolding of colleagues" Archbishop Zollitsch is a worthy successor to his predecessor, Cardinal Lehmann, who had his own ritual of calling his independent brethren back to reason by issuing public corrections of his colleagues. No one doubts the need for child care services for special family situations. First of all, however we would have expected and required that the Chairman of the Bishops’ Conference use clearly for the legitimate interests of families and children.

The Chairman of the Bishops’ Conference should not comment in a party political manner because the parties are as changeable as society itself and follow electoral considerations. The church and its officials should based themselves on ethical principles and judge the party manifestos and positions by these principles. That is exactly what is missing here.

As for the ecumenism, Rome has given clear guidelines. These include, inter alia, the statement that the Protestant church communities cannot claim the status of "church". Because Archbishop Zollitsch states publicly those communities have the status of "church", this undermines the unity of the Catholic Church.

The ZpV wonders who the opinions cited above serve. The new Chairman Zollitsch, has not served the interests of the Catholic Church.

Cathcon- at least, the election of Pope Benedict has put Rome firmly on the right side of this divide, but even a short reading of Church history would tell anyone that this is hardly surprising, and given Her Divine establishment and guarantees of Her constitution

Pseudo-clerical spiritual elites in Linz

An account has been published in the Diocesan newspaper.

Commissioning ceremony for about 100 spiritual companions in Schloss Puchberg

Many of the more than 100 men and women from across Upper Austria, who for years have been making their own way of spirituality but also have undergone in the Diocese (Catholic Educational Institute) training as a spiritual companions, Lenten companions, director of retreats in everyday life, mourning companions, meditation directors or pilgrimage companions gathered on Friday 15 2008 at Schloss Puchberg and experienced an emotional commissioning ceremony.

Pastoral director, Willi Vieböck official called the spiritual companions in his address a "a God experience at first-hand" in reference to the Bishop's Lenten Pastoral Letter and Bishop Dr. Ludwig Schwarz sees in them a as "hopeful tree with a lot of fruit".

Bishop Schwarz blessed the spiritual companions in a commissioning ceremony and presented each and everyone with a gift of an icon of Christ.

The training took place in European monastery of Gut Aich

Father Johannes Pausch, founder of the European monastery of Gut Aich, where the training for the spiritual companions and the meditation companions took place, showed clearly in his speech that one must have an ear for the other. So that one can be firmly grounded and to take one own steps, one needs to be aware of others.

Gabriela Broksch as coordinator of the spiritual network

and Susanne Gross as head of the Office of Spirituality led the program and received as a gift from P. Johannes Pausch a "Crook of an Abbess ."

"Civilisation of plenty"
It was loud and clear that this festival was a gathering of many people, who in their different ways are going in one direction: in our time of "a civilisation of plenty" to be there for other people in their search for meaning in life and strength in borderline situations, in their search for God.

Gay blessings? Simple cynicism in Vienna’s Cathedral

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Cathcon translation of Homo-Segnungen? ein Zynismus.

In the church, it has become customary to bury Catholic doctrine by fabricating reality. Thus sodomy remains only on paper a blatant sin.

Tonight the Vienna Cathedral Parish of St. Stephen – organised under the eyes of the local archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn - a so-called "God's service for lovers".

According to the daily newspaper 'Die Presse' - as in previous years – gay couples can receive blessings. The newspaper speaks of a blessing that is "controversial within the Church".

In recent years, Cathedral Priest Anton Faber has celebrated the liturgy. This year he was accompanying a group of pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Therefore, the clergy were represented by the Custos of the Vienna Franciscans, Father Gottried Wegleitner represented.

Dompfarrer Faber has in recent years indicated that the blessing services were an "overwhelmingly positive experience" with, as he told the Catholic news agency 'kathpress'.

The yearning of people for love and security, said the Cathedral Parish Priest was a way of searching for God.

According to the website '' couples, lovers and fiancées are invited. Even individuals from whom their "partners" are separated or have yet to be found, can receive the blessing.

This year's preside at the service, Father Wegleitner, said that it meant to proclaim the love of God to people.

The Father spoke about "homo blessings." This formulation the Franciscan feels - without providing an explanation – to be a "cynicism".

In recent years, three-quarters of the couples blessed were married. But he would "not beat up on anyone" -said the Franciscan.

The so-called "blessing services for loving people" on Valentine's Day have spread for several years throughout the German-speaking world.

A similar events will be held in the Cathedral Church of St Martin and numerous parishes in Eisenstadt (Cathcon- a stone's throw from Vienna)

The experience of recent years shows that these blessing services also serve to give an ecclesiastical rubber stamp to homosexual ideology.

In the Diocese of Linz, they gave out bonbons at the notorious Church of the Ursuline, where they have been known to let protestants preach against Catholicism and erect a shrine to Judas.

Nuntius in Austria celebrates Latin Mass for the 150th Anniversary of Lourdes


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catholic Political Party in Québec

Wonderful to see a Catholic political party in the land which was once one of the most faithful daughters of Holy Mother Church, thriving with vocations and families devoted to Christ.

Québec remains a land which has been greatly damaged by the pseudo-reforms and the destructive "spirit" of Vatican II. A thriving Catholic culture was entirely uprooted during the "révolution tranquille" ("quiet revolution") of the 1960's and 70's.

"Le ciel est bleu, l'enfer est rouge!" ("Heaven is blue (Union Nationale), hell is red (Liberals)") - Motto of l'Union Nationale, Catholic Québécois political party of the early 20th century.

Egypt: Applause for Rowan Williams

Cathcon translation of Ägypten: Beifall für Rowan Williams

The Islamic University of Cairo has welcomed statements made by the Anglican Primate on sharia law. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams had judged that it was "inevitable", parts of Islamic law would be applied in the UK. That is according to the University of al-Azhar an important contribution to interfaith dialogue. Williams speech – which was in Europe criticised by many - goes "in the right direction".

Cathcon- chances of Coptic Christians backing Rowan Williams are

Europe is dreaming

Serbian Orthodox Church and Post-war Suffering

I hasten to add that there can have been no severer critic than myself of the Serbians in the breakup of Yugoslavia, but they do not deserve this.

There is great joy in heaven over the liberal that repents

Especially when the liberal concerned is Pope Pius IX!

Historian reveals how Pius IX decided to proclaim dogma of Immaculate Conception:

“During this lapse of time, in fact, Pius IX progressively lost trust in the processes of the ‘revolution’ that were taking place in Europe and distanced himself from the liberal Catholic environment, beginning to see in the insurrection movement, as well as in the ‘modernity’ of that time, a dangerous snare for the life of the Church,” Guglietta writes.

The expert points out that “understanding what happened with the thinking of Pius IX in Gaeta is of significant historic relevance” and is an “area of research not yet explored.” Nevertheless, he said, the Pope’s sojourn in Gaeta was fundamental for his decision of proclaiming the Marian dogma of the Immaculate Conception."

Modernism, a snare then, a snare now.

My Lord and my God

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