Monday, October 02, 2017

Charismatic liturgical decadence in Lyon


Their "first album".....

Jazz Communion at Innsbruck Mass


Gospel Mass in Jesuit Church.....Communion as a feeling not a reality. Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus. At the same Mass.

Church invitation to "Prayer for Mother Earth"

Innsbruck: Churches invite to shared Creation Prayer

Ecumenical "Prayer for Mother Earth" on 3 October in the Jesuit Church closes Church Season of Creation- Diocese of Innsbruck elaborates sustainability strategy

The Christian churches in Tyrol invite you to a joint "Prayer for Mother Earth" in the Innsbruck Jesuit Church on Tuesday, 3 October, at 6 pm. The prayer is the liturgical ending in Tyrol for the Church Season of Creation (1 September to 4 October). Within the framework of the prayer in the Jesuit Church, the concern about the shared home - "Mother Earth" - is to be expressed, the organisers say. The diocesan administrator, Jakob Bürgler will also participate in the prayer.

The Head of the Innsbruck office for Pastoral Care, Elisabeth Rathgeb, pointed out in a letter on Monday the close connection between the preservation of creation and the commitment to peace and justice. "We have only one world, and good life for all people now and in the future is possible, and we have to look at the whole," says Rathgeb.

The diocese of Innsbruck is striving for a clear sign of the preservation of creation and is currently working on a sustainability strategy. This will be discussed in the autumn and will be passed in November, announced the Head of the Innsbruck office for Pastoral Care.


Euthanasia dispute: Vatican gives religious order its last chance

All the deadlines have passed, and conversations have been held: now the Vatican gives the Belgian Brothers of Charity the last chance to comply with to the doctrine of the Church.

The Vatican wants to invite the Belgian branch of the Brothers of Charity (Broeders van Liefde) to discussion on active euthanasia. They are to be given the opportunity to explain their point of view, according to the press release of the General Administration of the Brothers of Charity in Rome, published on Monday. The meeting in Rome was the last chance for the organisation to reconcile itself with Catholic doctrine, according to the statement.

On Friday, Rene Stockman met with representatives from the Vatican and informed them about the current situation. On September 12th, the Belgian organisation of the Brothers of Charity had reaffirmed its position to no longer rule out active euthanasia for the mentally ill in the non-terminal stage. The organisation manages 15 psychiatric clinics in Belgium.

Since its foundation in Ghent in 1807, the Order of the "Broeders van Liefde" has been particularly committed to the care of the mentally ill. In Belgium, they look after 5,500 patients; they are responsible in Flanders for one third of the beds in the area of ​​mental illness. The Order has 603 members worldwide and is active in 31 countries

Making a mockery of the intentions of their founder, Canon Petrus-Jozef Triest

The way they used to live

General Chief Brothers of Love to Guest in Home Vincent
The way they live now.  

The Belgian superior second from left, although identifying him as a priest would be difficult.   He has spoken, however, of the shame that his Belgian brothers are bringing to his order.

Extraordinary Papal lunch in Bologna

The invitation to dine with the Pope in the Basilica of San Petronio. "Everyone enjoy your meal".

The nave ready for eating

In more prayerful times.

The diners would have had the opportunity of contemplating one of the Basilica's magnificent frescoes. "Heaven and Hell".


The schedule.  There are many more appropriate places for such a work of charity.