Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Leading Catholic claims Pope Francis has "Lutheran qualities"

Thierse: Pope Francis has "Lutheran qualities"
Cardinal Marx and Provincial Bishop Bedford-Strohm appear to be "like twins". Pope Francis has "Lutheran qualities". "So why is ecumenism not going any further?" asks Wolfgang Thierse.

Former President of the German Parliament, Wolfgang Thierse (SPD) called on the two major churches to become more ecumenical active. In his speech to the central Reformation commemoration ceremony in the Rhineland-Palatinatem Thierse said in spite of all the happiness he was"dissatisfied". The talk of the "reconciled diversity" of the denominations is not enough, it stands only "for the administration of the difference". Catholics should seize the opportunity to have a head of church "with quite Lutheran qualities" with Pope Francis. The future of ecumenism is a matter for every single Christian.
Herr Thierse is a Catholic

At the same time, Thierse emphasized that Catholics and Protestants are now as close to one another as ever. The bosses of the two big churches in Germany, Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm and Cardinal Reinhard Marx, were "twins" and one could have the impression that nothing could separate them. This was amazing considering the "history of demarcation".

Catholics were called "wrong"
Thierse was satisfied that in the course of the Reformation commemoration that the Protestant church was no longer built up as a church of freedom against the Catholic Church. It was good that this had not been said.

Thierse spoke in the Holy Trinity Church in Speyer. For his speech in the fully occupied church, he received long-lasting applause. The ceremony and the service before that were broadcast live in the SWR. In a personal address, the Catholic also described his growing up in a strongly Protestant environment in Thuringia. He had experienced strong contrasts and the Catholics were described as "wrong""


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