Monday, September 03, 2007

Three Catholic Dioceses.


Don't whether they are coming or going

Cardinal Mercier

Neo-scholastic, par excellence.
Oh that we had his like in Belgium today.
During World War I

The Feast (31 August) and Mass of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces [Beatæ Mariæ Virginis omnium gratiarum Mediatricis] was granted by Pope Benedict XV at the request of Cardinal Mercier. So much for the idea that the good Cardinal was a radical precursor of the Second Vatican Council, a misinterpretation of his work of reconciliation of Anglicans.

Evening prayer of Martin Luther


Distributed at a city centre Church in Brussels. Stay with us and your whole Church. Wait a minute, wasn't it this Luther fellah that tried to divide the whole Church?

Outdoor Funeral for a Protester of a Church Closing

And more hardness of heart from the Archdiocese.

"So Mrs. Gonzalez’s family decided that the most fitting way to honor her memory was to hold a funeral outside the church, in lieu of the funeral Mass that would have been offered inside the parish had it stayed open. The ceremony was held outside the church yesterday morning."

What a tragedy.

Fraternity of Christ the Priest and Our Lady, Queen

Looks all very good but its all in Spanish! A new traditionalist order.

Triumph of Modernism

"Whatever their specific errors—and most of their writings look terribly dated today—the modernists have a fair claim to be regarded as genuine precursors of the Second Vatican Council. "

Boy Bishops invade the sanctuary

and some older (pretend!!) ones too! Austrian Catholics in Graz taking the traditions of associated with the Feast of St Nicholas just a bit too far.

Hotel El Convento!


This unique boutique hotel home to the Carmelite Convent nuns for 252 years

In the name of freedom of religion


The Malines Diocesan newspaper published a comment article last week defending the veil for Islamic women. Where have all those feminists gone when you really need them?

Good bye Canterbury

Use Harry Potter to spread Christianity say Anglicans

Perhaps, Fr Zimmer FSSP can give them some advice.

Sentimentalisation of the Eucharist


Already on this First Communion Card of 1957.

I have forgotten who said that barbarity always hides behind sentimentalism in cultural expression.

No longer a table but now a boat

In the Chapel of the Fraternity of the Tibériade in Belgium. It is one of the oversold "new movements"- one day their "altar" will just float away.

I beg your pardon


Advertising for an art exhibition at theMarian shrine of Banneux for the Missio organisation. Their Mission Statement above fails to mention one important matter- preaching the Gospel of Christ to all nations.

Feast of Pope St Pius X


To restore all things in Christ

The holy Pope was a Franciscan tertiary.

Francis, go and rebuild My Church

One day in January of 1206 A.D. St. Francis paid a visit to San Damiano, a decrepit church on the outskirts of Assisi. There he knelt in prayer before an ancient icon depicting Christ Crucified, with Our Lady and St. John standing beneath His right arm. 1 Suddenly a voice came forth from the icon and said, "Francis, go and rebuild My Church, which as you can see, is falling into ruin." Afterwards, St. Francis resolved to obey Our Lord and set quickly to work repairing that old church.

In the three years that followed St. Francis went on to repair two other churches: San Pietro della Spina, in the countryside south of Assisi, and Santa Maria degli Angeli, also known as the Portiuncula, in the plain below the town. During this time St. Francis lived the life of a hermit.

And from Pascendi

And let it be clearly understood above all things that the scholastic philosophy We prescribe is that which the Angelic Doctor (St Thomas Aquinas) has bequeathed to us, and We, therefore, declare that all the ordinances of Our Predecessor (Pope Leo XIII) on this subject continue fully in force, and, as far as may be necessary, We do decree anew, and confirm, and ordain that they be by all strictly observed. In seminaries where they may have been neglected let the Bishops impose them and require their observance, and let this apply also to the Superiors of religious institutions. Further let Professors remember that they cannot set St. Thomas aside, especially in metaphysical questions, without grave detriment.

From a biography of St Thomas. On December 6, 1273, Thomas was still hard at work on the Summa. But after that day’s morning Mass, despite repeated urgings, he never took up his pen again. Only to Reginald, his secretary and closet friend, did Thomas eventually reveal what had happened. The story came out thirty years later, on Reginald’s deathbed.

While celebrating that Mass, Thomas told Reginald, he had a vision of the crucified Christ, who spoke to him: “You have written well of me, Thomas. What would you ask! of me?” To which Thomas could only reply, “Nothing else but you, Lord.”

This book has the modest aim of explaining why Modernism is the most dangerous of all heresies and the steps taken by St Pius X to suppress it The author rarely refers to the contemporary Church and yet on page after page the reader will cry out But this is ...