Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnival Priest

video of a priest no longer aware of the dignity of his orders

Pope and Bishop Williamson mocked by German Carnival


Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd) -

The Carnival procession which takes place on the Monday before Ash Wednesday in Düsseldorf has made the dispute about the Pope and the holocaust denier Williamson into a theme.

Pope Benedict XVI is drawn through the city as the figure on the carnival lindworm from Düsseldorf. On one of the political carriages, the Head of the Catholic Church shakes the hand of the Holocaust denier Williamson who instead of episcopal robes is shown as an appearance of the devil. On one of the large sides of Williamson prominently displayed in large letters, "Anti-Semitism" and on the other "Society of St Pius X".


Argentina's President makes Bishop Williamson a top issue


Argentiniens Präsidentin macht Williamson zur Chefsache - Nachrichten -

The Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been personally involved in the case of Holocaust denier and traditionalist, Bishop Richard Williamson. The news agency "Valores religiosos" reported on Sunday (local time), Kirchner had two weeks ago asked for accurate details from the Minister for Religious Affairs, Guillermo Oliveri. After that, an official of the Ministry sent the report directly to the President. Williamson was on Thursday for violating visa requirements expelled from the country. A ministry spokesman also stated Williamson's statements denied "an historical truth" and therefore offended "deeply the Jewish community and entire humanity." The denial of the Holocaust in Argentina has not yet been criminalized. A Parliamentary bill doing so is expected to be scheduled for this Wednesday. The leadership of the traditionalist SSPX announced at the weekend, that they will ask Williamson to comply with the requirement to leave Argentina within ten days. Representatives of the Catholic Church in Argentina are in agreement with the expulsion decision

The Pope and the Russian Patriarch- barriers remain to meeting

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The obstacles to a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI. and the new Moscow Patriarch Cyril I have not yet been eliminated. The Russian Orthodox Bishop in Vienna, Hilarion (Alfejew) emphasized this in a TV interview. Bishop Hilarion said: "The possibility of a meeting between Pope and Patriarch was also never excluded by Aleksij II . But there are still obstacles, especially given the cases of proselytism (i.e. the poaching of believers)." In this context, the Russian Orthodox bishop in Vienna cited the establishment of Greek-Catholic parishes in all parts of Ukraine. First, the need for a common position on the question of proselytism should be developed, only then could the encounter between Pope and Patriarch take place. Patriarch Cyril I wanted such a meeting as soon as possible, but he was also convinced that this is "not necessarily going to bebefore TV cameras ". It was not about a date, but the objectives of a meeting between Pope and Patriarch, said the Vienna Russian Orthodox bishop. If the meeting was well prepared, it could actually bring about a "breakthrough" in bilateral relations between the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church.
The Oxford educated, Bishop Hilarion is also the Russian Orthodox representative to the EU.

Church closure carnage in Cleveland

Plans for church closings by Diocese opens up emotions among Catholics

Cleveland Bishop Lennon talks about church closings

Argentinian Church welcomes Bishop's expulsion

- “La expulsión de Williamson nos sacó un peso de encima”

The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires synthesised the views of the Church in Argentina. The priest Guillermo Marcó said that the Lefevre bishop had come to Argentina without anyone inviting him.

The expulsion of a British bishop Richard Williamson, who denied the existence of the Jewish Holocaust "lifted a weight " from the Catholic Church in Argentina.

In this way, the priest Guillermo Marco described the reaction within the church to the decision of the national government. Marco responsible for the Archdiocesan Pastoral Universitaria de Buenos Aires, said:

"The opinion of the Church is not just one opinion of a priest or a bishop but is expressed through her documents." With these words Williamson broke from Catholicism when he said that no Jew died in the gas chambers of Nazi concentration camps.

The priest said: "The expulsion of Williamson brings us a problem of excess." He also recalled that the Lefevre bishop "came to Argentina without anyone asking him."

The English prelate served at the seminary in the town of La Reja.

"In the ecclesiastical world one cannot be unaware of what it means to give a statement to the media and I do not know if he thought when he making these statements, but, of course, reveal his thinking. It's like saying that San Martín did not cross the Andes; to discuss this is absolutely ridiculous, " he said.

Carnival time in the Church


Scenes from the Netherlands, where the power and prestige of the clergy long ago drained away to the laity after Vatican II. Carnival will cease today- the usurpation of clerical office and power by lay movements will take years to disappear.