Thursday, June 28, 2012

Title of world's biggest thurible taken from Compostella


By Diocese of Würzburg

 Unlike the Würzburg thurible, the one in Compostella is staying put and not available to rent.

Distributor of erotic literature remains in Catholic Church ownership


Oh My God! Sex! New Age! Following the allegation that the Weltbild-Verlag offered many more titles from these topics previously far from the church, the German Bishops' Conference had decided to sell the company. But according to the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", the publishing group is not now to be sold yet, but transformed by the Catholic Church into a charitable foundation. This was confirmed on Wednesday by the CEO of the publishing house, Carel Halff.

The shareholders' meeting decided on Tuesday that all the shares of the Welbild Group would be incorporated into a newly formed foundation. "For all employees that's a good perspective, because nothing is more built to last than a foundation," said Halff. The foundation, which remains in the form of a limited liability company, should pursue charitable, cultural and religious goals.

Last year, the Permanent Council of the Episcopal Conference was forced to state that it had not persuaded the Weltbild's management to stop sufficiently, "the Internet-based distribution as well as production of media, contrary to the idealistic goals of the shareholder, in their own sphere and that of the investors. "The credibility of the publishing group and its shareholders have suffered. Therefore, the German Bishops' Conference in November 2011 came to the decision to separate themselves from the bookstore, "without any delay" .

The quarrel about the erotic and esoteric titles of Weltbild was revealed after report by the magazine "Buchreport" . According to this Weltbild had among its books more than 2500 titles with the Keyword eroticism . The Catholic Church responded by announcing that it wanted to refrain from"the distribution of pornography " .

The Weltbild-Verlag is one of the largest booksellers in Germany and also owns half of the Hugendubel chain. The branches of Jokers, the antiquarian booksellers are also among the group. The Weltbild press is owned by twelve German dioceses and the Military Chaplaincy in Berlin.

Cathcon- 50Classics of Erotic Literature- at least one of the titles still sold.