Sunday, February 08, 2015

Cardinal Burke says "I will resist" when asked what he will do when the Pope persists in his direction


In a televised interview for the channel, France 2, February 8, 2015, Cardinal Raymond Burke says bluntly that will stand up to Pope François if he continues on the path of liberalization in the areas of the accession of divorced and remarried to communion and hospitality to homosexuals without "judgment".

La Porte Latine offers excerpts from his interview with Lionel Feuerstein, Karine Comazzi, Patrice Brugères, Nicolas Berthelot and Claire Aubinais for the magazine "1:15 p.m. Sunday" France 2.

"I do not accept that we give communion to remarried, divorced or unmarried couples in the Church because their union is irregular, it is adultery."

"As for homosexuals, they have nothing to do with marriage. It is a pain of being attracted to someone of the same sex which is against nature."

About the Pope who said about homosexuals "If a person is gay, they seek the Lord and is of good will, who am I to judge?," the reporter asked the cardinal

"If ever Pope Francis persists in this direction, what will you do? »

He replied:

"I will resist, I cannot do anything else. There is a malaise that is unmistakable. It is painful and worrisome. [...] But luckily, as we assured our Lord, the forces of evil will not prevail over the Church, they will not win. »

Pray that the cardinal goes to his logical conclusion and finally joins the fight frontally from Tradition to restore the Church which has suffered from the fatal Vatican Council II

Cathcon: It is clear this is enormous news.