Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Have decided to write a collection of short stories

Based on modern Catholic life with more than a dash of politics- of course, the charectors will bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead- apart from Tony Blair and one or two cardinals.

Postcard from Michael Davies

Dated 13 October 2003. Feast of St Edward King and Confessor.   Picturing St John Lateran.

"I had a very positive meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger.   We agreed on every point."

A picture from an earlier event.

On Clergmen preaching Politics by John Byrom


Fellow Mancunian!

He seems to have been something of a politician!

God bless the King! (I mean our faith's defender!)
God bless! (No harm in blessing) the Pretender.
But who Pretender is, and who is King,
God bless us all! That's quite another thing!

Christians awake salute the happy morn- his most famous literary creation

Which church owns this flying saucer?- shocking answer


Belgian justice- new statement due on legality of church seaches

Last Friday, the Belgian justice authorities refused to comment on the content of a ruling about the legality of the searches following the meeting of the Court of Indictment the previous Friday.
But now
The Brussels Public Prosecutor-General will explain the ruling on Thursday that the Brussels Chamber of Indictment (AI) gave last Friday on Operation Chalice. This is confirmed by the outgoing Justice Minister Stefaan De Clerck (CD & V). The investigating magistrate in Brussels on June 24 searched the cathedral in Malines, the archbishop's palace and the offices of the Adriaenssens Commission (which was set up after the pedophilia scandals) looking for secret files of the Church. The Prosecutor-General had questions about the legality of the investigation and put a series of questions to the AI. The AI took a decision last Friday, but the prosecutor refused to say anything about the content. This will happen now on Thursday.
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