Sunday, February 01, 2009

Society of St Pius X don't want to see Bishop Williamson again

Piusbrüder wollen Williamson nicht mehr sehen

The traditionalist Society of St Pius X. will no longer tolerate the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson in their German region.

The controversial Bishop Richard Williamson, "We have informed him that we do not want to see him any more," said the Regens of the St. Pius Seminary, Father Stefan Frey, to FOCUS. The 68-year-old will no more carry out the diaconal ordinations planned for May 30 in the Seminary of Zaitzkofen near Regensburg

Second German theologian calls for Pope top resign

But one thing Hermann Häring does not declare is that he is a former pupil and colleague, of the first one Hans Küng.

Further, Pope Benedict has badly damaged the trustworthiness of the Catholic Church, said Winfried Kretschmann, faction chairman of the Bad Württemberg Green Party (of all the political parties across Europe, the Greens are utterly anti-clerical and anti-Church) and member of the Central Committee of German Catholics.

Dutch professor quits Church

from Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

A professor and Christian ethicist from the Dutch city of Nijmegen, Jean Pierre Wils, is leaving the Roman Catholic Church in protest against the rehabilitation of four reactionary bishops by Pope Benedict XVI last week. Mr Wils says he no longer wants to be a part of what he called an anti-modern, anti-plural and totalitarian church.

He teaches the "theory of religion" clearly not the practice. A bit of a tricky excuse to use at St Peter's Gate.

Even the BBC notices Linz

Pope promotes conservative cleric

More coming soon on the election boycott of the Christian Democrat Austrian Peoples' Party after the Regional Prime Minister, up for election this year, criticised the choice on TV. The Regional Prime Minister before he was a professional politician was a religion teacher- who clearly thinks his authority in this matter is greater than the Vicar of Christ on earth.

Where was Herr Puhringer when the modern artist Nitsch, the self-proclaimed blood orgy master (yes, he organises them!) was invited to give a concert in the local Abbey of St Florian. Possibly in the audience, as members of his party organised a visit to one of his exhibitions to show just how modern they were.

Not even Hitler's Gauleiter managed to interfere in the appointments of Bishops in Linz although I think he would have had the chance in 1941.

Women who believe themselves priests want excommunication lifted

Whispers in the Loggia: They Want Back, Too

Cathcon on active participation

Church Latin -Times Online:

Anyone who thinks that active participation has been enhanced by the modern Mass should travel across Europe attending Mass. Sit in the front row at each Mass, and at the Sanctus, prior to the Consecration, take a backwards glance at the congregation. Then go to a Latin Mass and do the same.

The Latin Mass is not being forced on anyone and in Brussels where I live, it is a magnet even among those who know no Latin. The mere externals so often found in the modern Mass, modern man and woman see as distractions, ultimately banal.

Christopher Gillibrand, Brussels, Belgium/ Europe

Cardinal Lehmann accuses traditionalists of using liturgy to hide their true intentions

Kardinal Lehmann hat Mitleid mit dem Papst- Cardinal Lehmann suffers with the Pope

WELT ONLINE: Your Eminence, the Pope has revoked the excommunication of the four bishops of the traditionalist Society of St Pius X - just a few days before Holocaust Memorial Day. Does that show he has special feelings?
Cardinal Lehmann: Happy is was not. Admittedly, much has been distorted in the media. This led some to the impression that Benedict XVI had lifted the excommunication, although he knew about the interview statement by Bishop Williamson, in which he denied the Holocaust. In fact the Pope did not know the utterances. However, if now the President of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei," the Colombian Cardinal Hoyos says, he did not know then I say: He did have the opportunity to present an accurate picture of Williamson, because he has already expressed his views on other more problematic issues expressed. You would actually need to have this knowledge.

WELT ONLINE: Do the four bishops represent positions that are contrary to the commandment of love and the “spirit of the Council”?
Cardinal Lehmann: The four bishops who Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated himself, I personally do not know at all. For me, however, it was always clear that the traditionalist movement of Archbishop Lefebvre was not primarily about liturgical issues.

WELT ONLINE: What were they about then?
Cardinal Lehmann: They were at the core content and dogmatic issues. Above all, they were adamantly opposed to "Dignitatis humanae," the declaration of the Second Vatican Council on religious freedom, which they could never accept. When about 20 years ago today the Pope in his capacity as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith twice travelled to Paris and almost himself negotiated an agreement with Lefebvre - which Lefebvre at the last moment then had however signed - I was very sceptical. I felt the wording that it was more of a pastoral council, and not so much about dogmatic questions was much too soft. The Lefebvre people have never reconciled with the Council's message, that in questions of faith pressure can never be applied and the church renounces secular power.

WELT ONLINE: Did the Pope with the re-authorization of the old liturgy make a mistake and laid out on the floor the restorative forces of the Church?
Cardinal Lehmann: no. For the unbiased observer the decision of the Pope for greater liberalization of the Latin Mass and the question of "The Good Friday Prayers" now is put into a strange light. This has to do with the comments made by Williamson. Many now believe that everything lies down one path. This is not the case - but that could be perceived as such and that's a bad thing. I must say I'm sorry for the Pope, who, really had the best intentions . But obviously the Vatican's political relationships and linkages were paid too little attention to.

WELT ONLINE: Again: Do the Lefebrve supporters represent questionable political positions?
Cardinal Lehmann: Certainly, I am sure. Which is why I absolutely do not see this primarily as a theologically motivated movement. They are partly in the tradition of the "Action française", the radical nationalist movement, which was formed in France around 1900, after the Dreyfus affair. This movement understood itself as militantly Catholic, was monarchist and anti-Semitic - which is why t Pius X. 1914 had already declared it as incompatible with the Catholic religion. The milieu of the Lefebvre supporters have not even today come to terms with the French Revolution. But God be praised the group is very small. And if they concentrate so much on the Latin liturgy, this is only to disguise their true intentions. The antitheses are too simple: collegiality of bishops is not in fact a loss of authority of the Pope, ecumenical effort does not to betray the truth.

WELT ONLINE: Is the anti-Semitism in the church still backing?
Cardinal Lehmann: Let's put it this way: Whenever I have spoken in the last 20 years about the relationship between Germans and foreigners, or about our relationship to the Jews, the reactions were regularly much more numerous than any other theme. And above all: they were to a large extent very impertinent. There is still a large reservoir of distaste, even hatred. We still have a sizeable deposit of anti-Semitism and xenophobia, admittedly often uncritical, but so dangerous.

WELT ONLINE: Should the Pope with a gesture to make it clear how he stands to Judaism?
The Pope has rejected the remarks of Bishop Williamson. The church must continue along the path it has travelled for forty years. The Pope has spoken at the World Youth Day in Cologne in the synagogue as clearly and unambiguously as possible on the relationship of the Church to the Jews - there is nothing to be added. It would devalue his own statements if he is now tempted into quick gestures. You read the words of the Pope in Auschwitz. Such words do not need adding to in an inflationary manner.

Picture of Islamic martyr in official Austrian schoolbook

Report in Der Standard

Excitement over textbook for Islamic religion classes which Anas Schakfeh edited work showing "martyr" with rifle and hand grenades
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Vienna - The President of the Islamic Faith Community in Austria (IGGiÖ), Anas Schakfeh, announces to "profile" a training program for teachers of religion. In it basic values such as "absolute loyalty to the state, the rule of law, democracy and the Federal Constitution" would again be called to mind. The controls should be strengthened. The study on the deficits in democratic understanding of Islamic religious teachers which was the cause of the current discussion, Schakfeh was aware of since the end of last summer: "But then, no one was excited."

"profil" shows according to preliminary reports a page from an official textbook for Islamic religion classes in primary schools- books which Schakfeh has personally dealt with. This shows a "martyr" dying on the battlefield. Caption: "A Muslim, on the path of Allah who dies to defend the homeland is a martyr (Sahid). He is rewarded by Allah with Paradise, as Allah has promised in the Koran." It is concerned with the history of the siege of Medina "and how the first persecuted Muslims died - as a martyr, like the first Christians," said Schakfeh. In the picture, the soldier carries a rifle and hand grenades.

Schakfeh wants to ensure that the controversial illustration will be removed from the religious studies book:

"The appearance is now of course bad, but I had this simple representation is no longer in memory. But we are in the process of changing all these books," Schakfeh stresses according to a preliminary report to the newspaper "Austria" (Sunday edition). In the course of this process will the now published martyr image be "safely removed". (APA)

Revocation of excommunication

an act of real ecumenism

Hat tip

The wages of whining

Opinion column in the Jerusalem Post

The title is a play on Romans 6

23 For the wages of sin is death. But the grace of God, life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord.