Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Vienna under siege from Turkish hackers

Vienna International Airport was targeted by hackers on Friday. A Turkish hacker collective has claimed responsibility for the cyber-attack.

A Turkish hacker collective has claimed responsibility for the attempted cyber-attack on Vienna Airport on Friday. The reasons for the attack are the poor political relations between Austria and Turkey, and an incident at the airport, "Kurier"stated on Tuesday afternoon from a statement which has emerged online. "The claim of responsibility is still under consideration," the Interior Ministry told the Austrian Press Association.

"We know of the statement," said a Ministry spokesperson. The investigation would "however still take place as a priority" and it would be too early to anticipate the results. Further details were therefore not disclosed.

The hackers announced according to the online report from "Kurier" further attacks. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution take the claim of responsibility seriously and are investigating. The attack was a denial of service attack (DoS), they stated in the Tuesday edition of the newspaper. For this servers are flooded with requests until they completely break down.

The security of the IT system at Vienna Airport was not overcome in the attack. According to the airport no damage has occurred.

An earlier attack on Vienna was seen off under the inspiration of a Franciscan monk.