Monday, January 21, 2008

St Thomas More Catholic College

Update from the Head Girl of the School

We will resist! Serco scrapped their plans! we await their new ones now! I think they grasped the idea we are not to be messed with. With great privilege, I can say I am the Head Girl of the best school in the area, county and possibly the world for me.

Not impressed with the guy's comment on your blog. Maybe he does not realise that we study for A Levels and simply do not have the time to pick up every computer error!!!

Of course, not many students will say they go to the best school ever! They do at Thomas More, so that must say something, and its my Job as Head Girl to make sure the world knows about the best school, best students, and best staff from the head down to the cleaners.

Cathcon comment
And what a great Patron Saint as well. All fits together!

Liturgical madness in Vienna

At each new youth Mass,they just push the envelope a little further. But they cannot see that little by little Catholic culture is being taken apart. What is the use of thousands of young people, when it is so clear from the pictures that they are not receiving the inheritance of the Faith.
Girl who will cry her eyes out in twenty years because she thought she could be a priestess.

Human bodies laid out on the altar

Procession of gifts

Caption anyone?

Happy Hour Ecumenical Service.

Goodnight Canterbury

Church stalls over deal on women "bishops".

Russian Orthodox attack on modernism

Cathcon translation of
Öffnung der Kirche als "gerader Weg in den Untergang"

Opening up of the church as a "direct path to downfall"

Not a strong Islam, but a weak Christianity is to be feared: the Russian Orthodox Bishop Hilarion stated at a worship service of the Ecumenical Council in Vienna.

If "one or the other Christian community" begins to revise the theological or moral teaching of Christianity in order to be "modern" or "politically correct", this was the "direct path towards spiritual demise," said the Russian Orthodox Bishop Hilarion (Alfejew) at the church service of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Austria (ÖRKÖ) marking this year's World Prayer Week for the Unity of Christians, Kathpress reported on Monday. A Christianity that has an "empty core," will not be in a position to resist the challenges of today.

Today many Christians were worried about the rise of Islam in Europe worried and about the increase in the number of Muslims while there is a simultaneous slow decline in the number of Christians, said Bishop Hilarion, the Moscow Patriarchate’s representative to the European Union. Referring to remarks of a Swiss Catholic theologian, he said: "We must not fear a strong Islam, but the weakness of Christianity. We must be afraid that under the influence of liberal ideas that spiritual and moral teaching of the Christian church will be lost".

Meet Maria Hofstadler


She is the head of an outfit called Spiegel (Mirror) which is run by the Diocese of Linz to develop positive relationships between children and parents. What does she think she is doing?

Listen or be swept away by the tide of history

English Translation of Pope Benedict XVI letter to the Jesuit Superior General

Commentary in Time.

Just click on Jesuit to find out the spiritual mountain the Jesuits have to climb.

Invitation to Rome for the Moscow Patriarch

Cathcon translation of Radio Vatican report

The Apostolic See invites Alexij II: The Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow is warmly welcome to the opening of the “Year of St Paul” in June. With this invitation, the Vatican continues their efforts to improve relations with the Russian Orthodox Church.

The invitation to the celebrations in Rome had already been sent to the Patriarch, said Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, the Archpriest of the Roman basilica of Saint Paul's Outside the Walls on Monday. Moreover, the man in the Vatican responsible for ecumenism, Cardinal Walter Kasper, has sent a similar letter to other Christian denominations - including the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I.

Priest banned from joint-"Eucharist" in the Netherlands

Cathcon translation of Kerkdienst voorafgegaan door gezamenlijk ontbijt

If we cannot come together to celebrate a 'Supper', we still can have breakfast. And so it was, yesterday morning in De Akker next to the Old Catholic Church of St. Vitus where Protestants and (Old) Catholics had their annual ecumenical church service. (Cathcon- shameful use of words- Catholics are Catholics, Old Catholics left the Church after the declaration of Papal Infallability)

The Haarlem Bishop Punt has banned the Catholic priest Stef de Wit from participating in the annual Last Supper / Eucharist because the various churches think differently from Catholics.

Both breakfast and then the service were enthusiastically enjoyed yesterday. It was maintained that the churches can still do very much good together, such as promoting good integration, help for the poor and engaging in building a society in which tolerance means no veiling, De Wit said. In the service, the theme of "pray unceasingly” 'emphasis was placed on the unitive aspect of religions.
One of these men is the offending priest- difficult to recognise.

Seal of the confessional in danger

Cathcon translation of Beichtgeheimnis in Gefahr?

In Germany, there is controversy over the so-called “tapping exemption”. The Federal Interior Ministry under Wolfgang Schäuble is proposing a reform of the BKA- law to combat terrorism not only to remove the strict “tapping exemption” from parliamentarians and lawyers, but also from the clergy. This has met with sharp protest from the Catholic Church as the confessional secret in danger. Even if it concerns the secrecy of discussions with the priest outside the confessional, the plan was unacceptable, says the Cologne Cathedral Vicar and confessor, Oliver Dregger.

"I can utterly not understand why politicians want to sweep away the seal of the confessional, as this is protected in our country by the Concordat. And when it comes to the secrecy of the discussions with a priest, people would no longer have the feeling that the priest can be really trusted, and then the people would no longer go to him. "

In practical pastoral care, there is a smooth transition to confession, according to Dregger.

"Experience shows that pastoral discussions, that initially are not confession oriented, often develop into a confession so that this distinction between the normal official secrecy of the priest and the seal of the confessional is often theoretical."

The pastor believes a possible change in legislation is dangerous.

"People who confess, entrusts to the priest in the confessional some very intimate secrets, are themselves able to say that they would think twice if there was the risk that the clergy in any way had told another person. Then this would no longer be protected place, where people do not only say this or that about themeselves, but where they can really be quite open and know: Here I can say everything, even the things that I would not confide to my closest friend. "

The seal of the confessional obliges the confessor to absolute silence about what he learned through confession. The violation of seal of the confessional attracts the heaviest ecclesiastical penalties. The seal of the confessional has applied since the 13th Century to the whole Catholic Church.

The most famous example of the preservation of the sacred seal of the confessional was St John Nepomuc. He was drowned in 1393 by the Bohemian king in Moldova because he refused to disclose the confession of the Queen.

Legally, the seal of the confessional is guaranteed in the Concordat, implemented in German civil law, between the Vatican and Germany as well as in state laws. One example is the law which permits priests and others who have to guard professional secrecy, such as deputies and lawyers, to refuse to testify. Clause 53 of the Criminal Procedure Code gives them the right to refuse to give a statement to investigators. This paragraph also protects discussions with the Faithful, clients or patients from interception.

The Cautionary End of the Spirit of Vatican II

Well, goodbye then. Brilliant article.

Yet another church not in the proper sense of the word

Cathcon translation of Wirt gründet Kirche für Zigarettenliebhaber Pub landlord founds church for cigarette lovers.

Protests against smoking ban

The legally prescribed smoking ban made a pub landlord from Schleswig-Holstein completely unhappy. Now, he has founded a religious community to whom the ritual of smoking is as essential " as among Catholics incense is." The next step: The pub will be declared to be a church.

In the fight against the non-smoking law a restaurateur from Schleswig Holstein has dug deep into the box of tricks: The landlord from Kappeln has established a religious community to allow guests once again to take up their glowing cigarettes. "Our Christian-Jewish Church has now more than 400 members," said Dirk Bruckner, owner of the pub "The Mousetrap". The founding statutes, he has cleverly sent to the State Chancellery in Kiel.

The 46-year-old wants smokers, according to his own words to be given "church asylum" and that such religious activities should not be prescribed by the state.. In many religions, the burning of substances play a role. "For Catholics, it is incense, the Buddhists have incense sticks, but for us it is cigarettes," said Bruckner. The new religious community should, according to the landlord speak to Christians, who have problems with "rigid form" and "kneeling". Instead, there should be discussions with beer and cigarettes.

Whether Bruckner can bypass the new anti-smoking law with the stunt is questionable. The Regional Health Ministry said the restaurateur "cannot go forward in this way." The Kappeln Provost, Gerhard Ulrich, a member of the church leadership, gives the application, in any case, no chance. While everyone can found a religious community, the establishment of a church as a "public corporation" is subject to high standards.

Cathcon comment- he is using the same logic as protestants throughout the world- found a church based on you and your desires. Doubtless Che would have been a welcome member.

And eventually the members will say, why bother to go to this "church" when we can smoke at home! Or perhaps, they will wander down to the erotic church service