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Berlin: Church invites you to a Nativity Play with drag queens and lesbians. Mary and Joseph as a lesbian couple.

Francis has started a long and atrocious cultural war in Church.

Loyola Community founded by Rupnik dissolved on order of Vatican.

Ourageous attack on Immaculate Conception by Jesuit

Arbitrary actions by the Pope harm him and the Church

"Light Flakes" in the Sanctuary. What are they thinking?

Prophetic voice of Cardinal Müller on Faith and Morals

Papal letter stuns German Church

Pope telephones new Argentinian President; President invites Pope to visit Argentina

New Vice-President of Argentina is a traditionalist Catholic, attending an SSPX chapel

Germany's top Protestant resigns

New dimension of systemic abuse in Switzerland

Censorship of sexual abuse discussion at Vatican II

Diocese of Rome in catastrophic state thanks to the Bishop. He cannot be bothered to visit the Diocesan seminary.

Synodalists think they have won the ecclesiastical game. They have another think coming.

The Family of Mary, from abuse to freedom. Testimony

Head of German Protestants may have to resign for covering up abuse