Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Memento Homo


Retrial ordered in the Bishop Willamson case


The case sent the Catholic Church into a deep crisis - and now will get the courts busy again: Due to a procedural error, the case of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson will be retried.

Nuremberg / Regensburg - A error in form makes a repeat of the trial of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson necessary. This has been decided by the Higher Regional Court of Nuremberg (OLG). The decision on Wednesday was based on the fact that the District Court of Regensburg in its judgement did not explain how and where exactly in Germany a controversial interview with the bishop had been published. But this was a prerequisite for prosecution for racial hatred.

The prosecution has the opportunity to bring the same matter again for the prosecution, the court stated. It was not in question that Bishop Williamson's alleged statement was not an offense. But the judges had determined that a criminal procedural failure, not correctable after the event, obtains in the proceedings.

The 71-year-old arch-conservative bishop of the SSPX gave an interview to a Swedish TV crew in October 2008 at the Seminary of the Society in Regensburg. In it, he denied the existence of gas chambers and the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis. The interview aired in Sweden and was published on the Internet.

At the behest of the prosecutors, the District Court in Regensburg had fined Williamson for his statements in 2009 initially prompted by the penalty payment of 10,000 euro fine. When the bishop rejected this, the first trial took place. The district court confirmed the fine in 2010, but in 2011, this was reduced on appeal to the District Court at 6500 €. Against this Williamson lodged a new appeal, so that the Nuremberg Higher Regional Court was the third instance in the case.

Judgement is not detailed enough

According to the Court of Appeal, in the Court of the First Instance the punishment did not explain how and exactly where in Germany the interview the bishop had been published. Because the offense of racial hatred depended on the public dissemination of the passages, it was crucial.

The prosecution has announced that they will prepare very quickly, in response to the Court of Appeal's observations, a new penalty decree or an indictment. The prosecutors have the responsibility to prepare a new judgement, said the chief prosecutor in Regensburg,Wolfhard Meindl. The new indictment was expected to be completed in about five weeks.

The case had plunged the Catholic Church into a severe crisis. Because at the very time when the interview was made public, the Vatican announced the lifting of the excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops of the SSPX. Pope Benedict XVI. stated that he knew nothing of the interview.

Sentencing in the Mauthausen Process for crimes against humanity.
Regicide is an odious sin, for inasmuch you will kill your King, you will be prepared to kill the King of the Jews, and also the Jewish genocide, for inasmuch as you will kill the people of the King of the Jews, you will be prepared to kill the King of Kings.   Bishop Williamson is fortunate to live almost seventy years after the trial and he can play ecclesiastical politics over matters of life and death, and get away with a fine of only 6500 euros.  It is doubly unforgiveable given the damage he has done to the Catholic Church because that is a matter of the salvation of souls.

The locals in Mauthausen, just near Linz in Austria, claim, to this day, that their parents and grandparents did not know what was going on at the camp.  Quite possibly, the ultimate origin of holocaust denial.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Augsburg Diocese: Protesters against Bishop hug Churches

Bistum Augsburg: Protest gegen Bischof Zdarsa wächst - Politik - Aktuelle Politik-Nachrichten - Augsburger Allgemeine

The protests of Catholics against the reorganization of parishes perceived as "imposed from above" in the Diocese of Augsburg is taking shape. The initiative calls on the faithful, on the 4 March, the second Sunday of Lent, to form a human chain after the service and thus to "embrace" their church. "We want to give the diocese a message that we are not in agreement with their plans to restructure the diocese ," says Max Stetter from Stadtbergen, a retired parish priest and spokesman for "Being the Church Today - Augsburg pastoral discussion forum ."

"There is much confusion and turmoil here in the diocese. This is not coming from some grumblers on the margins, but from very many Catholics who have been working year in year out and day in day out for their church, "says Stetter. The "Church Embrace" protest will give the silent a voice. A response in the form of a protest rally in the center of Augsburg is not ruled out. The Augsburg Bishop Konrad Zdarsa has announced that he will explain the restructuring of the diocese in 207 units in his pastoral pastoral letter for the first Sunday of Lent (February 26). Until then, no public statement is possible. In the Council of Priests, he had recently heard reports about the "worries and fears of many believers," in the diocese.

On Facebook, a kind of counter-action to "Church Embrace" has been launched: "Prayer for Bishop Konrad". Zdarsa will be prayed for on Shrove Tuesday. The discussion about him has been aimed "well below the belt". It considers the accusation against Zdarsa - formerly Bishop of Görlitz that the structural reforms used DDR methods to be "tasteless and crude."

The spokesman for the diocese, Mark Kremser described the "prayer for Bishop Konrad" as a private initiative. About the "Church Hug," he says. "We welcome anyone who embraces the Church,". If the protest wants to show the demonstrate to the leadership of the Diocese the displeasure of the faithful, "the initiators have chosen the wrong sign."

Cathcon- Cardinal Marx has reportedly distanced himself from this programme. He allows Services of the Word and Communion from the Tabernacle in the absence of the priest, which Bishop Zdarsa rules out. In this context, he has no intention of uniting parishes together into pastoral unities.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Dancing nuns in flash mob outside Notre Dame de Paris


Flashmob "Brother & Sister Act, missionnaires de... by corref
They have watched Sister Act once too often.

Another allegation in Admont

Missbrauch: Neue Vorwürfe in Causa Admont -

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Abuse: New allegations in the Admont Case

Two days after abuse allegations against two priests of the Admont community were made public, there are now very similar allegations from a second member of the public. A stir was caused in particular by the case of the first alleged victim being rejected by the Klasnic Commission and no compensation being given - even though there are clear statements from other ex-students.

After the testimony of the initial victim to the Klasnic Commission was classified as not credible enough, they are now confronted with virtually identical claims from a second alleged victim. A report by the Catholic Press Agency, according to which which other victims of the same alleged perpetrator were compensated, was corrected by the Agency. In these cases, it is said to have acted as with other alleged perpetrators.

No leave of absence
One of the two accused priests is still active in a parish. According to information from, those legally required to do so in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau currently are examining the case, particularly the question of why after learning of the allegations - both Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Bishop Egon Kapellari were personally informed in letters - the accused priest was not given leave of absence. learns that Bishop Egon Kapellari knew basically exactly happened, and was "playing it safe".

The second alleged victim as early as 2010 made both a statement of facts to the police (the case was dropped because of the statute of limitations, note) as well as to the Klasnic Commission. This case is still pending with the Commission.

Critics see "coverup"
The "Platform for the Victims of Ecclesiastical Abuse" in a press release release yesterday criticized again the "inaction of the church and the Klasnic commission" and spoke of a "coverup". At the same time the Platform stressed that it will aim at ensuring that a civil law case will be brought for Admont victims "against the perpetrators and accomplices."

Another ex-pupil contradicts the story
A former pupil of Admont - he contacted the Austrian Press Agency after the media reports a few days ago - said, however, and he and several other fellow ex-pupils could "not understand." The man explained that he shared a dormitory with one of the victims and "would have seen something of welts or burns."

Greece: the head of the Orthodox Church suggests a risk of "social explosion"

Grèce: le chef de l'Eglise orthodoxe évoque un risque d'"explosion sociale" - Le Nouvel Observateur

The head of the Orthodox Church of Greece warned on Thursday that the rise of poverty in the country risked a "social explosion" as the Greek government intends to adopt new austerity measures.

"The problem of homelessness and even hunger, phenomena observed during (World War II) which reached nightmarish proportions," said Msgr. Ieronymos in a letter to Prime Minister Lucas Papademos. "The patience of the Greeks is running out , leaving a feeling of anger, and the danger of social explosion can not be ignored."

100 billion euros of debt

He added: "The remedy which we are taking becomes fatal for the nation. Measures more painful and more unfair are now to follow without any hope being given."

The Greek government is committed to adopt new austerity measures in return for international aid. Greece could end up in default on March 20, if it fails by then to reach agreement on a second bailout of 130 billion euros and an exchange of obligations with private creditors to erase 100 billion euros of debt.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Purification of the Virgin Mary


Senex puerum portabat
Puer autem senem regebat.

The old man carried the boy
But the boy reigned over the old man.

From the reading for Matins
Homilia sancti Ambrosii Episcopi.
Lib. 2. Comment. in Lucae cap. 2. post
Et ecce homo erat in Jerusalem, cui nomen Simeon, et homo iste justus et timoratus, exspectans consolationem Israel. Non solum ab Angelis, et prophetis, et a pastoribus, sed etiam a senioribus et justis generatio Domini accepit testimonium. Omnis aetas et uterque sexus, eventorumque miracula fidem astruunt. Virgo generat, sterilis parit, mutus loquitur, Elisabeth prophetat, Magus adorat, utero clausus exsultat, vidua confitetur, justus exspectat.

In old time it was written: And of Zion shall it not be said This and that man was born in her, and the Highest Himself shall establish her? Blessed be the omnipotence of Him That was born! Blessed the glory of Him That came from heaven to earth! While yet He was borne in His Mother's womb, He was saluted by John the Baptist; He was presented in the temple, and recognised by that famous, antient, and glorious worthy, the old man Simeon. As soon as he knew Him he worshipped him, and said Lord, now lettest Thou thy servant depart in peace for mine eyes have seen thy salvation.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI confronted by the failure of negotiations with the traditionalists


Le pape Benoît XVI face à l'échec des négociations avec les intégristes - Vatican - La Vie

After a final review of the traditionalist dossier  by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Benedict XVI is to decide now if the dissident Lefebvrists can be reintegrated into the Catholic Church. The Pope, who has worked hard for reconciliation is confronted by the traditionalist rejection of the legacy of Vatican II.

Never has the solitude of the head of the Catholic Church been greater. The Pope must settle the matter on the issue of reconciliation between the Catholic Church and dissidents Lefebvrists. The Pope must rule after the assessment made by the Plenary Assembly of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), which met from January 24 to 27 and who worked on this issue among other topics.

At this assembly, the prelate members of the CDF  scrutinized the answers that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) gave to the Doctrinal Preamble that had been submitted on September 2011. Firstly, the initial response of Bishop Fellay, head of the SSPX was sent to the Vatican in December 2011 and which led to a request for clarification. Then, the second response was sent by Bishop Fellay in mid-January 2012.

However, according to sources of the agency I.MEDIA, the second response did not satisfy members of the CDF. Indeed, the SSPX contests much of the legacy of Vatican II. Officially, according to Monsignor Guido Pozzo, secretary of the Ecclesia Dei Commission , according to La Vie , the evaluation phase of the Lefebvrist response  is not completed. The outcome rests in the hands of Benedict XVI. But it is unlikely that the Pope will pronounce differently from the bishops of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Cathcon-  terrible news for the Church and for the SSPX.  Instead of taking decades, the restoration of the Church will take centuries- and none of us will be around to see those days of glory.