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Cardinal Williamson


According to this Argentinian website

La "industria del holocausto" y los dichos del Cardenal Williamson
Política y Desarrollo - 30 Ene 2009
Sería justo que tomara cartas sobre el asunto, discriminación religiosa, el INADI, que para eso existe. Lo que llama poderosamente la atención, ...

Sadly the account has been suspended, so we will never know in which world they are living that makes them think Bishop Williamson is a Cardinal.

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But who may abide?




Rabbi supports Pope

and is critical of left-wing Catholics trying to use Jewish responses for their own purposes.

There is good circumstantial evidence that a coterie of people around Cardinal Martini would be a good fit for the charge.

Don't read this article unless you wish to become very angry

New Statesman - Profile: Pope Benedict XVI

SSPX seeks dialogue but do the German bishops?

Piusbruderschaft sucht den Dialog

The SSPX seeks dialogue with the German bishops on theological questions. This was announced by the German district of the SSPX in a press release this Thursday. The theme of these talks should not only be the contentious issues around the council, but also criticism of the post-conciliar development. The central point said Father Franz Schmidberger, the District Superior of the Fraternity of the SSPX. for Germany was the self-understanding of the Catholic Church. "Should she still be understood as the only Church founded by Christ who possesses the fullness of revelation?" asks Schmidberger. The Catholic Church must also preach unpopular truths, such as the question of what people should expect after death and whether Christ is the Saviour of all people . Such questions are controversial among Catholics today. This showed the fruits of the "diluted preaching in the last thirty years." Schmidberger said, one should be basically ready, " to discuss matters with everybody." Thus, the German bishops should identify one or two theologians to discuss with us about the points which we perceive as problematic. "

Lets hope the German bishops don't show the same double standards as others have been showing in this case.

Video of Feb 11th interview with Bishop Fellay


2/3 support the Pope in large German newspaper online poll

More details here. So much for the disobedient machinations of the libero-clerical and pseudo-clerical elite in Linz.

While the libero-clerical elite of the Diocese of Linz kick up a storm of hate

The Catholic Youth of his former parish speak out loud and clear on the excellence of Bishop Wagner (sorry, its in German). Not one of the 34 deans who voted against the Bishop will have such support in their own parishes. The reality is that they conceal their own problems by such actions, disobedient to both bishop and Pope.

As they say in Austria, Bishop Wagner is made out of a better wood.

Or is the last speaker says, He is a priest with his entire being.

More soon.

Bishops would do better accepting the reality

rather than jumping around demanding acceptance of Vatican II.

Comment posted on Cathcon today. One of the all time best and most timely.

I was one of the many religious who left their monasteries, convents and religious houses in the confusion brought about in the wake of Vatican II. I was one year from making my final vows when our community life was turned upside down by all the nonsense foisted upon us in the name of liberty of spirit. I saw our daily community life and exercises turned into options rather than obligations. The members started doing their own thing instead of being present at the common exercises like morning and evening meditation. Community life as I has known it and been happy with for six year fell apart.

Laxity was the order of the day, and the timing of the evening meal was set according to what was good on the television. Community night prayers went out of the window and the only priest present at morning meditation with three of four lay brothers was the one saying the 7am Mass. Faced with this, I did not feel that I could in all conscience go forward to final vows. I did the right thing because had I stayed I would have had a major problem accepting the Novus Ordo Missae and all the excesses and abuses that went on in the name of experimental liturgy and ecumenism. On the day that I should have renewed my vows prior to final vows one year later, I left my monastery in the dark at 6am in a flood of tears. I didn’t want to go, but under the circumstances I could not stay. Looking around the UK now at the number of religious houses and seminaries that are either closed, communities moved to smaller premises, or just hanging on with a few elderly members, I remain unconvinced that Vatican II was the great success and renewal that we are constantly told it was. By their fruits shall you know them, and since Vatican II there has been a crop failure and a blight of religious vocations. Quite the contrary happened after the Council of Trent when there was an astonishing revival of priestly and religious vocations, reforms in relaxed religious communities, and a plethora or new religious orders and congregations. Trent produced a visible and palpable revival in the church the likes of which we are still waiting to see in the wake of Vatican II.

Better class of Bishops in Bavaria

Versuch der Wiedergutmachung - Starter -

Attempt to redress

Bavarian bishops express their solidarity with the Pope
The Bavarian bishops have given Pope Benedict XV their support in a letter. Given the "distorted discussion" about the church and also the office and person of the Pope, it was urgent to show their "inalienable solidarity" said the chair of the Freising Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich, writing on behalf of the bishops.

Freising Episcopal Conference
Next the letter says: "We are and will make every attempt to oppose with all our force any attempt to damage the Catholic Church and you, as our Holy Father with ambiguous and confusing statements which approximate to anti-Semitism." The attitude and utterances of the Pope were clear and unambiguous.

In their dioceses, the bishops had all made efforts, "to correct the in-part very misleading statements in the media and to contribute to a factual discussion." They will continue to try their best, the letter continues. And about the Pope: "We know that you possess spiritual depth and theological competence which you direct towards the unity of the Church, and towards those who will not take your outstretched hands."

The Freising Episcopal Conference, in addition to the seven Bavarian dioceses and the Diocese of Speyer support with the Pope the clear orientation in the Second Vatican Council, according to the letter. With Benedict XVI underlined the bishops, people could only be Catholic who fully accept this continuity and acknowledge the teaching authority of the Popes and the Councils. At the same time, they called for prayers for the Head of the Catholic Church.