Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ultimatum to Bishop Williamson expires


News travels very quickly ... at the moment we learn of the existence of a new leak from Metzingen, namely about yet another private letter in which Bishop Fellay gives an ultimatum of ten days to Williamson, we also learn that the formalizing of the act of expulsion will not be delayed! Both pieces of news come from knowledgeable French and English members of traditionalist forums ... A high up bishop and Ignis Garden ... Now, everything is still to be officially confirmed ... New rifle butt against Bishop Fellay Williamson A new initiative of Bishop Fellay against Bishop Williamson risks causing the implosion of the SSPX. There is a new and explosive confidential letter which was sent by Bishop Fellay to Bishop Williamson. Source This letter was also sent in confidence District Superiors. In this very sententious long letter , the Superior of the SSPX announces he is acting on the exclusion by the General Chapter of Ecône. However, he says he may reconsider this decision, however, if Williamson finally closed down his site [note: the circular letter Eleison Comments] said nothing more, does nothing and sends a detailed letter of apology to having, by his attitude, caused confusion among the priests and faithful of the SSPX in criticizing the decisions of the Chapter. At no point in this long letter,does Bishop Fellay wonder about his own responsibility for the crisis that continues to shake the SSPX, or if this ultimatum does not exacerbate divisions within the SSPX of which he is in charge, at a time when the turmoil began to dissipate. Bishop Williamson is requested to act within 10 "working" days(these are the words!) Otherwise, he will be permanently excluded from the SSPX. This letter is authentic, its content was communicated to me a source which could not be safer! IT’S OFFICIAL! BP. WILLIAMSON HAS BEEN EXPELLED!!!!!! I JUST GOT WORD OF IT THIS MORNING. NOT A THIRD WARNING, BUT AN EXPULSION! LET’S MOVE ON. Source Everything remains to be verified in the next few minutes and hours ... Update 9:35 p.m.: The latest news: - The ten-day ultimatum issued by Bishop Fellay began Oct. 4. Today, we have reached the 15th ... - The act of expulsion is not yet formalized but it seems imminent, according to the news from His Excellency. Let us pray for our favorite bishop , the courageous Bishop Williamson ... Kyrie Eleison

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rome to take action against homosexual Masses in London


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith have decided to tackle the problem of the Masses celebrated in the district of Soho in the British capital

The new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, intends, very firmly, to address the problem of the Mass which is celebrated twice a month in London, Warwick Street in Soho for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people which has the approval of the Archbishop of Westminster, Mgr. Vincent Nichols. It seems that in the recent past other agencies of the Roman Curia, at the request and solicitation of Catholics in London, have asked for clarification and noted the concerns associated with such an initiative. Among other things, an expert on the liturgy and theology noted there is a danger that the initiative will lead to a ghettoization of the persons concerned.  

What hurts the sensibilities of Catholics in the neighborhood of London and the surrounding region, is the form in which the Mass is celebrated. In the petition sent to Msgr. Nichols recently, with copies sent to some Roman Congregations, there are complaints homilies are givem that appear to justify behavior considered wrong by the doctrine of the Church.  In the church, the rainbow flag, a symbol of peace that has become the symbol of gay pride in the United States and elsewhere is clearly displayed and apparently often other flags and banners cover the sacred images around the church. Transvestites and transsexuals are often asked to read the readings of the faithful.

The Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Gregory which takes place twice a month is certainly not in the "traditional" image of the Mass.  And the faithful who demonstrate their opposition by reciting the Rosary in the streeto have written to express their opposition to Archbishop Nichols,

In a different political and cultural climate, probably a homosexual Mass would not create much noise. But in Britain - as in France and the United States - there is a battle taking place for the protection of natural and traditional marriage against attempts to treat other types of union as equal, and consequently the ceremony of Our Lady of the Assumption inevitably takes on a "political" aspects. And, critics complain, as it is interpreted by the protagonists. Complicating the situation is the "competition" of the nearby Anglican church of St. Anne, which celebrates a dedicated services for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered people.

It seems that in the face of warnings and advice towards prudence and vigilance on the part of Rome, Msgr. Nichols, who could become a cardinal at the next Consitory has turned a blind eye to the Mass, and publicly said that anyone should refrain from casting judgment on others. The former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the American William Levada, in the last months of his term decided to leave the situation. But the new, energetic and rigorous Prefect, Msgr. Mueller wants to get a clarification. And is willing to go to the Pope, in order to get it.

Friday, October 05, 2012

No more negotiations with SSPX, CDF head announces on radio


He only negotiates with Protestants 

Benedict's stubborn supporter of the faith has no desire to talk with Catholics. He has ended the Vatican's negotiations with the SSPX on a radio interview. 

 The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X is according to Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller - the stubborn supporter of the faith of Pope Benedict XVI. - "No negotiating partner."  He has said this, according to a preliminary report, to the radio station 'NDR Kultur'.  The contribution will be broadcast on Saturday on Concerning the "faith" there are no negotiations - said the heretic archbishop, who denies basic matters of faith. With his usual ambiguity, the Archbishop once again relativises himself: "In a pastoral sense, the door is always open". 

Against Catholics, he is hard and brutal 
There is "no minimisation in the terms of the Catholic faith" - the stubborn defender of the faith explained boldy. Immediately, he explained what he meant by "faith" - the non-obligatory blather of Vatican II, which understands itself as a Pastoral Council with no new dogmatic definitions. This leads Mons. Müller into error when he speaks of a "belief" that "was validly formulated at the Second Vatican Council " .  

Why he does not correct his own heresies?  
The heretic Archbishop insists that the Deconstructive Council allegedly does not stand "in contrast to the whole tradition of the church, rather to some misinterpretation of the Catholic faith ". He will not "discount the Catholic faith in negotiations". There is "no compromise". He is still not willing to correct the heresies in their own publications.  

No more further talks   
 The heretic Archbishop wants in the CDF supposedly to "decide" in union with the pope how to proceed. The SSPX had to accept the dogmatic preamble which is unacceptable to them: "I believe there are now no more further talks."  

He is reconciled with unfortunate Protestants 
In the same interview, the heretic Archbishop speaks with cheering words about Protestants. To mark the 500th Anniversary of the schism of the alcoholic and womanizer Martin Luther in 2017 he wants to "affirm the ecumenical process". It should be an impulse for "the road to greater unity of the Church being sought consciously" . The goal of the visible unity of all Christians is the one church. Mons. Muller went so far to say that the Church has for "a long time" achieved a "complete atonement" with the Protestants.  This has happened "through the whole ecumenical process". Protestants and the conciliar Church had much in common - the stubborn supporter of the faith said knowingly.


Cathcon- German stubbornness on this matter is doing the Church no good. Italian flexibility is needed.  

It is a thing unheard of that one Council should be used a test of doctrinal authority, over all previous Councils and over all other authorities.    If they carry on like this the authority of Vatican II will be completely shattered, as it is being made to bear all the burden of the Catholic Faith.

Have we to wait for the next generation, who were not present at the Council and for whom it was not the greatest event of their lives whose memory needs preserving at all costs.

It really is the final parody when the head of the CDF deals more sweetly with Protestants than those that have preserved the Catholic faith.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

New charges against Bishop Williamson


The case of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson is expected to come to a new trial. The Regensburg court has re-adopted the charges against the SSPX member. His defense council has announced that they will oppose the charges. The Regensburg court has again charged the ultraconservative bishop and Holocaust denier Richard Williamson with incitement to racial hatred. The SSPX bishop downplayed the murder of Jews during the Nazi dictatorship, according to a court spokesman. The penalty provides for a fine of 100 equivalent daily units (financial penalties are on a tariff of days in Germany). The spokesman would not disclose the amount of the penalty sought. 

Williamson's lawyer has announced that a statement of opposition against the fine will be lodged with the court. The case against the 72-year-old bishop will therefore have to be reopened. There had been no new results from the investigation, so that the defense will seek an acquital, it was said in a statement. Williamson, Bishop of the ultra-conservative SSPX had, in October 2008, been intervieed in the seminary of the Society in Regensburg by a Swedish television crew. In it, he denied the existence of gas chambers and the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis. The interview broadcast in Sweden was published on the Internet. 

 The District Court in Regensburg had demanded that Williamson as a penalty make a payment of a 10,000 euro fine. The bishop refused which led to the first process. In it , the District Court upheld the fine in 2010, which in 2011 was reduced to 6500 euros by the District Court of the Second Instance . However Williamson lodged an appeal. In February, the Nuremberg Higher Regional Court quashed the judgment because of procedural errors . The judges criticized the original judgment on the grounds that the distribution channels of the interview had not been shown. The Williamson case plunged the Catholic Church into a serious crisis. It was precisely at the time that the interview was made ​​public that the Vatican announced the lifting of the excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops of the SSPX. Pope Benedict XVI. said at the time that he had known nothing of the interview. Source

German Protestants parody Last Supper to attract custom


Bishop investigated for sexual abuse


For months, the Vatican has been investigating a South American bishop for alleged sexual abuse of minors. Bishop Marco Antonio Fernández Órdenes 

The neo-conservative Bishop Marco Antonio Órdenes Fernández (47) of Iquique, is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse of minors in several cases, the spokesman of the Chilean bishops' conference announced on Tuesday. The port city of Iquique of population 160,000 is located in northern Chile . The Conciliar Blessed John Paul II († 2005) appointed Msgr. Órdenes in 1996 at the age of only 41 to be the diocesan bishop. 

Currently under treatment 
According to Chilean press reports, the bishop is is in Peru for the treatment of a congenital liver condition. He will return in the next few days to Chile. 

The Vatican has investigated since April 
The CDF has investigated the case since April. The Apostolic Nuncio in Chile, Archbishop Ivo Scapolo (59) has been concerned for months to find out if the allegations are true or a pack of lies. The alleged victims have been offered psychological help. 

The bishop protests his innocence 
According to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Mons. Órdenes has canceled due to his health several dates since August. Those close to him informed the bishop that investigations are ongoing against him. According to the Santiago Times, Mons. Órdenes has maintained his innocence and asked for prayer. 

Prosecutor found no evidence against the bishop 
According to '' the prosecutors already investigated the bishop several years ago. It is unclear whether the former investigations are related to the current allegations. those days were there was no evidence against the bishop. If there are now new facts, the authorities want to start a new legal process.


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Demonstrators against SSPX in Cologne in 2011


Teddy Bear Mass or Latin Mass


Long Shadows of Vatican II


What muzzles many good priests with official recognition is that their status was accepted without stating they had every intention to denounce the errors of Vatican II and its progeny after recognition. They relied on an ambiguous agreement to be free to preach the Truth without clarifying the concomitant freedom to denounce error. The General Chapter appears clearly aware that such haste and lack of clarity leads to compromise. That is why they insist it can only be accepted if the sine qua non conditions are accepted and if the desirable circumstances are considered. In light of the first two conditions, to say nothing of the two year detailed presentation of the contradictions contained within Vatican II, any official recognition would come in the context of clarity. The Society will continue denouncing error and will continue exclusively using the 1962 Liturgy and will continue to have at least one bishop. If the Roman authorities will not accept these facts, then the unjust persecution will continue. No priest or group officially recognized thus far has ever been recognized on the basis of the combination of all of these clearly worded conditions and following two years of clarifying the details of the Society’s critique of Vatican II but only on an agreement containing either only limited aspects of them or ambiguously worded permission to prefer saying the Latin Mass and teaching the old way and living the old discipline if they choose. His Excellency places the level of principle at the wrong point. It is not the fact of official recognition that is a road to compromise but the acceptance of such official recognition on any terms. The General Chapter has been clear, if the unjust wrongs of the past are to be corrected, they must really be corrected and clear conditions fixed for preventing immediate relapse.

I am quoted on Newsmax on the lamentable lack of a condemnation of Communism at the Second Vatican Council.

“The lack of condemnation of Communism at the Council means, in modern times, that the church’s response has been ineffective to the assaults on human dignity by the arbitrary and all-powerful state”

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Battle for minaretts in the middle of Germany


This is a group of Muslims from India who would be looked on as heretics by many in the Islamic world. They want to build a mosque- the first one with a minarett in Nurnburg. "From the viewpoint of Christianity, it is clear, religious freedom is a fundamental human right". They then draw a distinction between Islamism and extremism.