Saturday, October 17, 2009

Complete with chapel- amazing house for sale in South of France


This dream home desperately in need of Catholic ownership to keep the chapel open and the presbytery in a good state of repair.  email me  or telephone 0032 2503 4200 if you are interested- 552000 euro.  Joint ownership also possible depending on others interested.

The main (oldest and nicest) part of the house is two storey with kitchen, dining room and drawing room on the ground floor and two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor. There are two wings (making a three sided front courtyard). Each wing is made up of three rooms and a bathroom. There are many sets of French doors in the house so that both wings could be made self-contained.

The layout- NB garage is now a bedroom

Nearest Latin Masses

Institute of Christ the King have a permanent presence in Toulouse.


Is this the new Auxilliary Bishop in Linz?


Reports have been flying around but there have been firm denials that Father Gmeiner now has been given the poisoned chalice.

Bishop Williamson faces fine of 12000 euros

More soon.

Cardinal Re's power constrained

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

Vatican City, 17.10.2009 (KAP) Curial Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera and the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke appointed new members of the Congregation for Bishops by the Pope, the Vatican announced on Saturday. Both are thus under the direction of Cardinal Prefect Giovanni Battista Re responsible for the care of over 4,800 bishops, especially as far as personnel decisions are concerned.

Canizares was appointed in December last year from leading the Archdiocese of Toledo, Spain to be head of the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship. The U.S. jurist Burke, formerly Archbishop of Saint Louis, has been from June 2008 Prefect of the Vatican's highest appeals court, the Apostolic Signatura.

Will the Anglicans explode or implode?

Women clergy could leave Church of England if plans to resrict powers approved -Times Online

If the Church of England was a chemical process, it would be an unstable disequilibrium, whose final outcome, if any was completely unknown except that it can be described as catastrophic.

How many Anglicans are now saying, I sure hope there is religious life out there, because there is none in our church?  Thank you to Python- although language has been cleaned up.