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Why is the Bishop of Linz being criticised on the Linz Diocesan website?

Margit Hauft who seems incapable of giving a simple yes or no answer to whether she assents to Catholic teaching on the reservation of the priesthood to men has issued a statement as President of Catholic Action Upper Austria, which is actually on the Linz Diocesan website. Either that statement should go or she should go. Either she assents to Catholic teaching as an office holder in the Diocese or she should go.

If a Bishop cannot control his own Diocesan website, he can hardly control his Diocese and perhaps he should be considering his position as well. 
Replacing an arch-liberal with a paleo-liberal (or is that the other way around) at the head of the communications office will have done nothing for his credibility in Rome. 

"I have absolutely nothing to apologise for" -former press spokesman for Linz Diocese

I would not try saying that at the gate of heaven- St Peter might wonder why you opposed his successor as Pope when he wanted to appoint a good and holy man as auxiliary Bishop of Linz.

Incredibly the guy remains on the payroll. Why? What will his next job be? Whatever the case, as long as he holds any office, he will be trying to subvert the will of the Bishop and of Rome.

Mood of depression hangs over Linz diocesan functionaries (and Josef Ertl!)

(Katzenjammer- means also a chorus of cats wailing or hangover!)

President of Catholic Action speaks after the Kaineder sacking about certain internet sites and direct intervention from the Vatican - Josef Ertl: Now we know who governs the Diocese of Linz: the Catholic fundamentalists grouped around

In the Diocese of Linz, a chorus of whining cats can be heard from some diocesan officials after the sacking of controversial diocesan spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder.

Margit Hauft, President of Catholic Action Upper Austria believes the Diocese of Linz to be currently in "a worrying situation" and says: "It is no secret that Bishop Ludwig Schwarz is very much under pressure from ultra conservative groups," said Hauft. Thus, for example on some internet sites and through direct intervention by the Vatican the removal of the head of the diocesan communications offices have been requested over a long period of time. She also asserted that "a commitment to preaching and vibrant parishes" was a special merit of Ferdinand Kaineder and that he " always acted as a spokesman of the whole diocese and not individual groups seen" did. Moreover, he had stood "fully loyal" to the Bishop.

Can sit up and Gabriele Eder-Cakl, the new diocesan spokeswoman. She spoke in a first statement about a "difficult time" and told the media that she was "very disappointed" because the decision to dismiss Kaineder was made on the basis of "denunciation".

Josef Ertl, the former editor in chief of the Upper Austria-Rundschau, says on his weblog that he is disappointed: "Now we know who governs the Diocese of Linz: the Catholic fundamentalists grouped around They have achieved their goal. Ferdinand Kaineder, the diocesan spokesman, whose head they have demanded, must go. Thus, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has taken a further decision, which lead the Diocese away from a contemporary proclamation of faith towards a traditionalist, backward looking course.

Cathcon: Margit Hauft is also putting her own position in danger by not stating publicly her fidelity to Catholic teaching on the ordination of women. She wants the office but is not prepared to carry the obligations that go with it, as witnessed by a recent interview. A string of emails from Cathcon to her office have brought no response. A yes or no would have done.

As for Kaineder successor, she was a contributor to this ghastly and vacuous book, so lacking in content it went straight in the circular filing cabinet in the corner of the room, which is emptied every day. If the Bishop of Linz thinks he is going to save his skin by throwing one liberal off the merry-go-round to put another on it, he must have another think coming. She is yet another member of that pseud0-clerical elite that have brought the Diocese to its knees.

Cardinal wants regular mini-Vatican II Councils

From Radio Vatican

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini would like to see the calling of a Council every twenty or thirty years. The former archbishop of Milan stated this in an interview with the daily newspaper "La Repubblica". Such regular Councils, as the Council of Constance had called for at the beginning of modern times should "only consider a maximum of two subjects”. Martini said that he wanted, above all, to have a council on how the Church should deal with the issue of divorce. This issue affects more and more people within the church. Another urgent issue, which a Council should consider is a revival of the Sacrament of Penance. - The Jesuit Martini went into the subject of the Second Vatican Council in the interview. This set as goal forty years ago of putting itself in the context of “modern science and society" said Martini : "This discussion has remained marginal. We are still far from having solved this problem. It seems almost, as we look more backward than forward."

The Church has been happily delivered from a Martini Papacy.

Feast of St Bonaventura


The saint shows St Thomas the true secret of Christian wisdom.

Feast of Blessed Humbert of Romans


Fifth Master of the Dominican order. A magnificent work of his on preaching which modern priests could do well to read and practice.

A sermon on deficient preaching. The apostles with one sermon converted thousands, now with thousands of sermons----

Voice of Faithful may close national headquarters

More good news

Diocese of Linz press spokeman resigns- the cleanout required by Rome begins

From Uppper Austrian News

As Upper Austrian News exclusively reported, the presumed member of the liberal camp and Head of the Communications Office of the Diocese of Linz, Ferdinand Kaineder has to go. He has been “relieved of his functions” since last Tuesday says the official website of the diocese. Bishop Ludwig Schwarz cannot be reached for a statement: Because he was ill, the secretary broke the news.

Kaineder was appointed Head of the Communications Office under Bishop Maximilian Aichen, the predecessor to Schwarz Conservative ecclesiastical circles were at loggerheads with him again and again. Among other things, they criticised a cd mailed in 2006 to 15,000 young Catholics in Upper Austria. The cards contained some surprising statements about sexuality. Specifically that discrimination against homosexuals could not be justified on the basis of Christian principles and on contraception, there was a note: "We live in the 21st Century ". One group used the CD to launch a boycott of the church tax and to demand the resignation of Kaineder. The Communications Office was responsible for the content of the CD.

Officially, it was, Bishop Schwarz on Tuesday who decided after several discussions to make a personnel change with regard to his spokesperson and the management of the communications office of the Diocese of Linz. Kaineder was told on Monday that he was “relieved” of his functions. His former deputy Gabriele Eder-Cakl takes over the leadership and will take further the diocesan communication concept. She spoke in a initial statement of a "difficult time". She was "very disappointed" because the decision to dismiss Kaineder was taken on the basis of "denunciation".

In information given by Kaineder to diocesan staff, Schwarz had taken his decision on the grounds that "from one side" it is still the case that the youth-CD card is the grounds for great reproach and even to this day letters and questions arrive. Kaineder also can be seen by many as a strong representative of the so-called "Linz Way" and the spokesman of the bishop must completely identify with the tasks, views and statements of the bishop.

Kaineder stated that, he would not deny that from a certain website in the last few years, a veritable "defamation" campaign had been conducted against him personally in his capacity as head of the communications office and what still causes him a lot more pain, against his purely voluntary activity that he undertook in Kirchschlag Parish Church as the Chairman of the Church Council and Honorary Chaplain (he took to reading the Gospel and preaching even after a ban from the Bishop on lay preaching). He was really surprised and disappointed that in recent years "above" had given more credibility to the informers than to their own colleague. That these international internet networks have good, yes, the best contacts in Rome, was now quite well known. He can see and experience this kind of "merciless reporting" as a real threat to an open, dialogical Church, with faith in God turned unconditionally towards the people.

Kaineder is 52 years old. He studied theology and held various posts in the Diocese of Linz, inter alia, as an education lecturer at the Petrinum (1978-80), as a pastoral assistant in the Cathedral Parish (1982-92), at the same time training theology students (1989-2000) and since 2000 has been operating as the Head of the Communications Office. He could not yet provide details on his professional future.

The sheer quality of the work of Mr Kaineder can be seen in the subtility and his originality of the use of bananas to promote Catholicism.

He already has his own website offering group and individual communications coaching.
"Visions, goals and paths"

Visions of a Catholicism with a powerless Papacy, seeking secular goals, following Protestant paths.

Its that Jesuit again, dancing his way into Germany


This time, this is actually part of a Mass.

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Just how bad the Jesuits have got.