Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ultimatum to Bishop Williamson expires


News travels very quickly ... at the moment we learn of the existence of a new leak from Metzingen, namely about yet another private letter in which Bishop Fellay gives an ultimatum of ten days to Williamson, we also learn that the formalizing of the act of expulsion will not be delayed! Both pieces of news come from knowledgeable French and English members of traditionalist forums ... A high up bishop and Ignis Garden ... Now, everything is still to be officially confirmed ... New rifle butt against Bishop Fellay Williamson A new initiative of Bishop Fellay against Bishop Williamson risks causing the implosion of the SSPX. There is a new and explosive confidential letter which was sent by Bishop Fellay to Bishop Williamson. Source This letter was also sent in confidence District Superiors. In this very sententious long letter , the Superior of the SSPX announces he is acting on the exclusion by the General Chapter of Ecône. However, he says he may reconsider this decision, however, if Williamson finally closed down his site [note: the circular letter Eleison Comments] said nothing more, does nothing and sends a detailed letter of apology to having, by his attitude, caused confusion among the priests and faithful of the SSPX in criticizing the decisions of the Chapter. At no point in this long letter,does Bishop Fellay wonder about his own responsibility for the crisis that continues to shake the SSPX, or if this ultimatum does not exacerbate divisions within the SSPX of which he is in charge, at a time when the turmoil began to dissipate. Bishop Williamson is requested to act within 10 "working" days(these are the words!) Otherwise, he will be permanently excluded from the SSPX. This letter is authentic, its content was communicated to me a source which could not be safer! IT’S OFFICIAL! BP. WILLIAMSON HAS BEEN EXPELLED!!!!!! I JUST GOT WORD OF IT THIS MORNING. NOT A THIRD WARNING, BUT AN EXPULSION! LET’S MOVE ON. Source Everything remains to be verified in the next few minutes and hours ... Update 9:35 p.m.: The latest news: - The ten-day ultimatum issued by Bishop Fellay began Oct. 4. Today, we have reached the 15th ... - The act of expulsion is not yet formalized but it seems imminent, according to the news from His Excellency. Let us pray for our favorite bishop , the courageous Bishop Williamson ... Kyrie Eleison