Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Superman Mass

The Cornell Society for a Good Time points me in the direction of this Mass.

What are they on?

Superman arrives just in time

but just displaces the priest and takes centre stage

I fear an attempt has been made to consecrate this bread.

The tabernacle on the left has already won the scariest tabernacle of all time competition.

This calls for the first Cathcon caption competition.


e-mail me or comment. Prize a book by Michael Davies, one the greatest defenders of the Catholic Faith in the last forty years.

My heart is weeping

Esch-sur-Alzette: Eglise Saint Joseph. The glorious Church where "Pimp My Church" is being staged.

Where modern pastoral work is heading. Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar (probably). Jesus encouraged the children to come unto him, but not that they should show indifference to his presence and call.

Meanwhile in Vienna

their Youth Church shows the anti-Catholic movie to end all anti-Catholic movies, Dogma, roundly condemned by the Catholic League.

Yes, the movie was shown in the Church. Here is one of the discussions afterwards. Doubtless discussing whether Catholicism is actually necessary for salvation. The message of the film is that it is not. Strange message to be given by Catholic youth workers.

Any chance the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna will put an end to the nonsense that he started? Fat chance: they are too busy in the Cathedral blessing homosexual couples on St Valentine's Day (and regretting that the Church cannot provide more for homosexual couples. Never has, never will, so what's the point of the mock tears.)

Again from the excellent

Lifestyle problems

almost certainly let the red hat slip from the hands of Archbishop Fitzgerald. Vatican also clearly needs someone in the job who can take account of the rapidly detiorating relations of the muslim world with the West, rather than someone who is a child of 1968.