Monday, January 16, 2006

Augustinian Church in Antwerp, Belgium

becomes music centre. This is a report of the opening this month. It is now called Amuz (Antwerp Music). This is their advertising.

"He sees again music in the Church". Nothing else to do but weep.
This Augustinian Church in Utrecht, Netherlands however is thriving. The nearby St Monica's Church bearing the patronage of St Augustine's mother was not so lucky. It was closed on 25 June 1972 after a Pontifical Mass celebrated by Cardinal Alfrink

The St Martin's Church in the same town became appartments.

St Martin's Church in Groningen, Netherlands was destroyed in 1982.
Make way for the bulldozers.

The Pottery at Old St. Pius


- and Catholicism has been replaced by an art that lacks grace and beauty.

Vatican rejects

appeals of 10 closed parishes in Boston

Mount Saint Mary's Church in Leeds

yet another betrayal. More background information here.