Sunday, April 07, 2013

Cardinal defends Pope from accusations of collaboration with the Argentine junta

The Bishop of Mainz Cardinal Karl Lehmann has defended Pope Francis from accusations of being too close to the then rulers in the period of military dictatorship in the period from 1976. It will often not sufficiently considered that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the present Pope Francis, "then not as a bishop or even Cardinal agreed to church policy, but that he, as Provincial, had to and wanted to protect the people of his congregation and also other people", Lehmann said on Sunday in Mainz Cathedral.

At the Pontifical Mass in honor of the new Pope, Lehmann added Francis had "made great efforts to keep a middle line between the actual rescue of individuals, especially from the Order, and a contact with the authorities at the time of the dictatorship” "Pope Francis is through and through a pastorally caring priest," said Lehmann. He has strong foundations for this in his deep personal faith. The Pope knew "very well the Cross in the world and in everyone's life. Let him alone!" Lehmann concluded his sermon.


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