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More newspeak

Roman women

Shame and scandal.


Los Angeles

The Lifeteen phenomenon

Inexcusable heresy

Our Monastery

Kloster Machern

Former monastery home

Villa Veneta Hotel, Hotel Villa Luppis

Welcome To Spa At The Monastery

Convent of Irsee in Germany

What we have lost

Lost sheep

Bristol Cathedral

Ronald Reagan's A Time for Choosing - 1964

To praise, to preach, to bless

More "Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique


Mass for fairies

The splendor of the Catholic Faith.

Archbishop of Dublin


Ecumenical "Eucharist" in Austria

Harry Potter Mass

Not-so-stealthy nun

Flower Power Mass

Feast of St John of the Cross

Benedictine Abbey


Rich place, cheap talk

A risk too far

Feds end a probe of the protection of sexually abusive priests

Celebrating Nostra Aetate

Boston Archbishop does good, Finally!

Vatican Issues a Qualified Ban

Vatican document on homosexuals and seminaries-

Notes of a Thirsty Scribe

Lifeteen Masses

Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple

Close the Church

Cornell University

Church members

Parishioners vow to keep Church

Padre Pio prays at the foot of the altar

Changes in religious life

Pope speaks

Catholic bishops

E(e)rie Benedictine Nuns

More baby than Father.

Greek Orthodox Church

All these sisters belong to the same religious order