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Cardinal blames social media for changing church doctrine

German bishops proclaim their revolution- they are not just a subsidiary of Rome

Cardinal thinks Catholics need to change the way they think about faith.

Monsters around the altar Ecumenical Mass

Carnival Madness Masses

Archbishop speaks out

Cardinal hits young traditionalists who want to ‘be clear in their positions’: calls it ‘the beginning of terrorism’

Cardinal questions, "Islam belongs to Germany"

Those who oppose the Pope

Cardinal Burke enters the resistance

Cardinal Burke says "I will resist" when asked what he will do when the Pope persists in his direction

New depths plumbed in Linz with Dixieland Corpus Christi Procession

Let us not sing Vespers but dance it!

The crisis is nothing if not episcopal.....dancing bishops trying to prove something.

World Cup Mass- if anything the liturgical abuse is worse

Liberation theology Mass

American Football Mass- surely the worst liturgical abuse ever!